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  1. Holiday watch?

    I can’t say I’ve ever lost a watch, however, I’m an aircraft engineer so I have managed to beat one of my Gshocks up quite well over the years at work. That’s why I like them so much because they can take what you throw at them. My main concern is that if there isn’t a safe in the hotel room I wouldn’t want to leave an expensive watch in there whilst out on some excursions, hence why I don’t want to take my Breitling. I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking it to waterfalls and hiking up mountains which is what I plan on doing whilst away. I don’t think Gshocks go particularly well with shirts otherwise I would take one of them and my amphibian is on a rubber strap so similar reason for not wanting to take it. Was just open to some suggestions for alternatives. @jsud2002 Made a great suggestion of switching the amphibian onto bracelet or mesh! Do you have any recommendations as to where to purchase a mesh strap? I quite like the idea of the amphibian on one. cheers guys
  2. Holiday watch?

    Hi everyone, long story short . . . . I’m off on holiday towards the end of May. I’m not too keen on taking my Breitling with me because I don’t want to lose it or damage it. I have a few other watches such as Gshocks and a Vostok amphibian but all are on rubber/plastic straps. Ideally I want a watch that will go with all dress codes, ie look fine with tshirt and shorts but also wear well with a short sleeve shirt for slightly smarter occasions. Needs to be waterproof but only sufficient for pool wear and for obvious reasons inexpensive in case I damage it or lose it. I’m budgeting up to about £50 but basically the cheaper the better. does anyone have any suggestions? Cheers Jason
  3. Thursday timepieces.

    Opted for the trusty solar Gshock today, suns out so would be rude not to give it a charge.
  4. Happy Monday watches

    I’m afraid it’s not a photo from today but nevertheless I’m wearing it
  5. Thanks for everyone’s input it’s much appreciated, the video regarding bezel changes was great and I may just have to do a bit of experimenting. Time to find myself a nato strap I think too! Its a shame about the pictures, I managed to upload a few on an introduction thread. I thinking the hosting sites must be a bit temperamental. Nevertheless I shall have a read of the images thread for some tips and try again
  6. Hey guys, thanks for your replies. @WRENCH I’m not sure why my picture hasn’t worked. I’ve not had much luck posting images ha, I started with photobucket and then post image having found out that photbucket didn’t work :-/ You have some lovely examples tho so thanks for sharing them. One thing I’m curious about is the bezel. The bezel on my watch doesn’t click as I rotate it, is this the case with all of them?
  7. Hi everyone, the most recent addition to my small watch collection is a Vostok amfibia. Not much to say other than its brilliant! My only concern is it seems the spring bars don’t appear to be great quality. I’m debating about purchasing another strap (18mm width) and I am open to suggestions. It’s currently on a rubber strap, whilst I do like the strap I’m happy to change it up to add a personal twist to the watch. Does anyone have any suggestions? And also do new straps tend to come with spring bars? apologies for my potentially naive questions. Up until now I’ve only ever bought watches, I’ve never replaced straps. This is the amfibia currently
  8. Thursday timepieces.

    Currently wearing my new arrival
  9. First seiko recommendations

    My second attempt at posting pictures using post image. Hopefully this works Thanks for the link, I shall have a look. I think I’m beginning to spend an awful lot of time looking at watches
  10. First seiko recommendations

    Ah ok I did wonder why my pictures didn’t show up. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll take a look at post image.org The 009 quite rightly so is up there with choices for me. I may regret saying this, but I’m not 100% sure the Pepsi bezel is for me. It might grow on me over time! This is a lovely looking watch, I like the exhibition back on it. Have any of you guys had experience buying from creation watches at all? Some great prices on there but I may incur some customs charges.
  11. Hi everyone

    Hi Nick, welcome to the forum. As a relatively new member myself I can say that this is definitely the best place to gain knowledge! I’ve had some great advice about future purchases since joining. Lovely watch by the way.
  12. First seiko recommendations

    Hi everyone, just thought i would would come back with an update. I have had a read of the thread about posting pictures and following on from that hopefully I’ve sussed it. Fingers crossed. chromejob mentioned about posting a pic of my Vostok when it arrived so here goes! As of yet I still haven’t purchased a seiko but I think I’ve settled on a 007, I’ve read lots of reviews from various sources and I just seem to be drawn to it. Unfortunately it will have to wait until next month now due to holiday payments eating into my watch fund My apologies in advance, I didn’t recentre the bezel prior to taking the picture. That might mess with people’s OCD side a little I felt compelled to add a picture of my colt automatic that I mentioned in my first post.
  13. I followed the link then clicked on fashion. The next page has a category for jewellery and watches. Hope this helps.
  14. First seiko recommendations

    Do I have to reach a certain amount of posts to be able to use it? Or just simply pay the £5
  15. First seiko recommendations

    Ah ok I shall search that and have a read chromejob, thanks for the heads up. I’ve just had a quick read of the thread about posting pictures, I’m going to have to sign up to a hosting site. I will do my best to get a picture of my Vostok up as soon as it arrives (hopefully within the next 3 weeks or so). Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the thread so far! You’ve been a huge help.

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