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  1. BigRossiB

    Pagol... your thoughts

    Hi all, I really like the look of Pagol Watches and think the Palm Tree on the face is a really cool feature. From what I can find out they were Swiss made but mainly for the Asian market. what is the general consensus on them? I'm just getting in to watch collecting and have a really tight budget but quite like the small niche brands like Titoni, Pagol etc... I could swing a small amount of money on something I really like. has anyone owned or handled one?
  2. BigRossiB

    Zeih watches??

    thanks for the reply @longplay I'm just getting into watch collecting and trying to reviving some oldies i'm picking up. You're right about everything from looking under the skin of the watch. took a gamble for a few quid online but it will be a good watch to practise on.
  3. BigRossiB

    Anybody dealt with this site before ....

    Are there any trusted sellers online that anyone would recommend for vintage watches?
  4. BigRossiB

    Seiko 5 gasket size???

    Hi all, I’m giving my old Seiko 5 (6309-5590) a facelift and need to replace the gasket behind the crystal. I would just measure the old one but i think it has shrunk over the years. There is a lot of confusing information out there about these gaskets. When I look on eBay there are all sorts for a range of prices. Do I need to spend £11 or can I get one for £3? Can anyone help?
  5. BigRossiB

    Zeih watches??

    I'm looking to bring back to life a vintage swiss made Zeih De Luxe 21 Prix, however, there is no information on them anywhere... does anyone know anything about them?

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