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  1. Sometimes its Gus

    Which TAG would you go for?

    In my quest to exchange my TAG for 3 other watches I have come across the Bravur BW102 which has caught my eye. It feels a quality and classical start to the collection. I am sure others may have comments and I am open to them.
  2. Sometimes its Gus

    New member

    Most places will want a hefty commission when you sell. Ebay is probably the lowest of about 16% I think, but you will need to check it out.
  3. Sometimes its Gus

    Tag heuer owners club

    Is it just me or does everyone see this image as "3rd party hosting has been temporarily disabled"? Am I not subscribed to something or has the image been removed by some other means? Its happening across a lot of images for me. What can I do about it?
  4. Sometimes its Gus

    Anyone seen this happen ? Phone before Wrist...

    I do that too. Its either a bad habit or the onset of some memory loss condition. Theres a lot of kids about now who cannot tell the time on anything other than a digital display which is sad.
  5. Sometimes its Gus

    The 6 Nations, Wales to win, surely?!

    I too had high hopes for England, and could not believe how they were outplayed. It seems they have got too big for their boots and gone complacent, because they have the players to win the games. It properly depressed me after the game, ruined the weekend.
  6. Sometimes its Gus

    My 'new' Timex Electric

    THis takes me back to my 21st when I got a timex. little did I realise the value of what I was given and wore it out and lost it years later. 30 years on I wish I had been more careful.
  7. Sometimes its Gus

    Best non watch purchases of the past 12 months

    Any purchase that involves cake or bread is worthy of my money. The bread maker is good and an honourable thing, but a cheeky trip to Greggs does it for me. Its sad I know but my life is always happy after a belgian bun.
  8. Sometimes its Gus

    Which TAG would you go for?

    I would have loved to have had the choice, and not sure why I haven't been, but tradition in the group has been that the Directors get a Rolex and all other staff get to choose from the same selection of TAG watches. I guess someone in the top brass has a connection with a particular dealer.
  9. Sometimes its Gus

    Which TAG would you go for?

    No, theres no cash option. I will need to research the options but a colleague got about £1500 for one of the watches but not sure which model he went for.
  10. Sometimes its Gus

    Which TAG would you go for?

    As a newbie to the watch world, it has been fascinating to be on here and to get an insight into what is out there. Having asked for opinions on which of the watches I am being offered I do not get a real sense of anyone being overawed by the list, and the real good TAG watches are way more money than I am being offered. Yet there are so many people on here who collect watches that are less money but appear to have a bit more character about them. As I am not drawn to any one of them myself, I am wondering about the merits of actually cashing in the TAG and getting 3 watches around the £500 mark that I actually like myself. This would be preferable on two fronts for me, as it would give me 3 options when it comes to choosing what to wear, but would also start a collection, which this forum has inspired me to do. Am I mad? Or does this seem reasonable?
  11. Sometimes its Gus

    Which TAG would you go for?

    Thanks Chromejob, I was looking at the brown leather straps and thought that it would be something that would enhance the overall look. Kinda looks a bit classier IMHO.
  12. Sometimes its Gus

    The 6 Nations, Wales to win, surely?!

    England to win after the Scotland blip.
  13. Sometimes its Gus

    Introduction and my watches

    Not for me but I can see it will sell.
  14. Sometimes its Gus

    Clairette Watches Automatic Collection

    I love the face on the bottom one, with the full date dials. How much?
  15. Sometimes its Gus

    Touch of Class

    some of the best new watches Ive seen in a while

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