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  1. yes thanks i have seen on ebay it"s expensive
  2. vlad6604

    Which SEIKO model you love best

    very nice this model
  3. i wanted buy the japon version SBDY005 but is not available
  4. vlad6604

    Which SEIKO model you love best

    very nice the sea horse for a watch years 1965
  5. vlad6604

    The Return Of The Seiko Samurai

    samourai SRPB55J1
  6. vlad6604

    SEIKO 62MAS One way or Bi-directional?

    normaly unidirectional on 62 mas
  7. very nice collection i love the 6139
  8. vlad6604

    Seiko 62MAS Padi Diver Special Edition Diver

    very nice the padi version
  9. vlad6604

    Which SEIKO model you love best

    i love many seiko watches models but a i prefer the new spb053 with strap seiko 20mm or hirsch carbon bleu strap
  10. vlad6604

    new member

    hello I currently own 13 watches in my collection especially recent and vintage seiko automatic as well as a hamilton khaki pilot auto and oris f1 and 3 tag heuer (a series 1000 diver's, a formula one vintage and a chrono formula one recent) my next acquisition (there are so many beautiful watches) a hydroconquest longines auto I will surely discover through the forum full of other watches see you soon

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