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  1. Cant see a negative ..

    Apparently "workhorse" Titanium with an alloy mixed in, used for just about everything, including marine applications due to its anti corrosion properties Every days a school day
  2. Weather

    Went out for a reccy this morn .. the "Beasts little sister" land around here, no drama's like a couple of weeks ago, but nice to be out and about in the fresh air Might be a bit more on its way around here, but doubt we'll come to a standstill like the other week What ya got by you ?
  3. Cant see a negative ..

    You mean lots of designs from a lot of respected watches ? .. don't they all to some extent .. once a winning, classic, aesthetically successful design is achieved by one, others will follow, that's the same in all industries surely ? There cant be many brands that offer all of the attributes I mentioned in the OP above with a decent movement for around 500, and looks as good as this I think I read its "grade 5" titanium or something like that .. is that marine grade Me too
  4. skx007 accuracy

    I think everyone that gets an SKX doesn't ever regret it, but just puts up with the fairly poor accuracy (in my case, its definitely the worst timekeeper in my box) .. so if you are lucky and get a good one, enjoy it
  5. .. to this piece What you get for the money is quite impressive IMO .. Titanium case and screw linked bracelet, double domed AR Sapphire, ceramic bezel insert, and now, they had the sense to move to the ETA 2892-A2 movement .. is there a downside to a premium Titanium watch for just over £500 ?? For me personally, I cant see why they used Ti everywhere, then S/Steel for the bezel , and I like thicker case's on divers (if it was around 15mm+ thick, one would be on its way to me as I type ), but that's it .. I might even be tempted in the future What do others think of it ?
  6. This for another snow day
  7. Don't blame ya .. continuously counting in your head would be a more accurate way of keeping time than an SKX .. (God love um!)
  8. St. Patrick's Day Watch Parade 17.03.18

    This looks very green in reality
  9. Going "carless"

    Not ready to say goodbye to the truck yet, too useful for me, though I don't NEED a car for work or anything, so still enjoy driving generally, saying that, I do live in a rural area, and driving into the city or busy towns instantly makes me understand the OP I have the bike for (SPEEEEED ) .. but I do actually miss having a quick'ish car sometimes, but only until I want to take the mountain bike further afield, or it snows, or I have a load for the tip, holidays, or need to carry big heavy or dirty stuff etc etc .. have to say, a double cab pick up is quite a tool, all things considered
  10. First seiko recommendations

    Apart from the more refined movement (6r15) .. it is a little larger than the 007/009, and if you see reviews on t'interweb, you'll see people raving about the case of the Sumo, and its general design/quality etc. especially for under 500 squid For me, its probably just the look I guess .. I think Seiko got it bang on with the Sumo, playing second fiddle only to the MM300 (SBDX001), which kind of sums it up .. punches well above its weight IMO
  11. First seiko recommendations

    If you already have a Breitling, I personally wouldn't bother with the lower end Auto Seiko's unless that's the kinda thing you are after of course ... depends on your budget ? For a couple hundred or so more, I'd go for the Sumo (blue or black, depending on your preference) .. its a watch I haven't yet got .. but I deffo will have at some point, I think its a stunning watch and certainly a dive icon to boot
  12. Any Android techys on here?

    Snap (apart from the bit about the iPhone ) Soz dude, I cant help either
  13. Thursday Autos.

  14. Cheers bud .. no sadly I couldn't quite run to the R10, its the Ultra SE, very capable and accurate little rifle

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