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  1. Cutting edge

    Charity Shop......it’s something

    That actually looks quite nice, especially at that price. I very seldom have any luck at the many charity shops located near my workplace; I reckon any decent stuff they receive is sold off on eBay, where it probably makes more money.
  2. Cutting edge

    Basis of WIS

    I'm not convinced there's any common factor in WISery. Loads of people, perhaps even most, have an obsession with something equally obscure, or even more so. Vintage tractor restoration or beer mat collecting, anyone?
  3. Cutting edge

    Christopher Ward goes faux vintage, again

    I do like the look of this watch in most respects, but have to agree with the general opinion that the branding at 9 o'clock looks clumsy and out of place. A date window at 3 o'clock would balance it out a bit, but better still would be to remove it altogether.
  4. Cutting edge

    Opinions on Swiss Watches

    I think the Swiss Made label means an automatic watch will at least be of a decent standard, but also that it will be priced at the higher end of what something of that quality is worth. Quartz Swiss watches I reckon tend to be very expensive for what they are.
  5. Cutting edge

    Christopher Ward Customer Service

    I must admit that this thread at first had me slightly confused. It started off with CW providing the sort of customer service we hope for but often don't receive, then moved smoothly on to a much less positive experience with Doxa. I thought initially there was a connection between the two firms, but a quick bit of research suggests there isn't.
  6. Cutting edge

    More discount offers

    It's the shipping cost, VAT at 20 per cent on the resulting total and added handling charge that kill the benefit in a lot of these deals.
  7. Cutting edge

    Things that make watches look tacky.

    Men's watches with jewels on the case or strap. I know that in a sense watches are jewellery but to emphasise the point is just wtong
  8. Cutting edge

    are watches with these 2 items to be avoided

    Sets of any sort are usually to be avoided IME. They invariably provide a lazy way to buy a present, and little more.
  9. Cutting edge

    Are Analogue Watches Ultimately Doomed?

    I think there will always be some market for analogue watches, both new and vintage. The situation might be similar to that in the world of straight edge razors, where there is a booming second hand market for good examples (which are quite hard to find) and a few remaining producers of new razors at a variety of price points. Obviously there are far fewer manufacturers than there were, but they are still there. Some people just have a fascination with tradition combined with precision engineering.
  10. Cutting edge

    Tag Heuer Dimensions

    Would this not depend on which Tag we're talking about?
  11. Cutting edge

    Reverse Panda Speedy?

    This is all very confusing. I'm not sure what's been done, who's supposedly done it, or why.
  12. Cutting edge

    My collection of Orient's (Mainly Divers)

    The King Diver with the silver dial in the seventh picture looks good. I like the day and date being on opposite sides.
  13. Cutting edge

    The New C60 Trident Yellow LE

    I like the colour, but do wonder how easy it would be to read in very poor/bright light with those hands. It might be fine, but you could only tell for sure by buying one.
  14. Hmm. My reaction would be that Americans love this sort of legal dispute.
  15. Cutting edge

    Breil Marmite, any Marmite.

    I wouldn't liken these watches to Marmite. I like Marmite.

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