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  1. How good are CW watches?

    Some interesting comments here, which I've whittled down to a few basic points in my own mind. For CW Trident watches: Reliable; well made; decent finish; very reasonably priced for what they are; good after sales service. These all weigh quite heavily with me. Against: Uninspiring name; frequent special offers; on-line only; lack of heritage; resemble more expensive/exclusive watches in appearance. The name and business model don't worry me at all. Lots of firms work that way, and many are very trustworthy. Also, there are very few outlets for many of the mid to high range watches up here in Cumbria, so few chances to see them in the flesh. As said above, even Rolex had to start somewhere. To me, all dive watches resemble each other to a fairly substantial degree, harking back to the Blancpain and Rolex models of the 1950s. I'd love to have one of those, but that's not going to happen.
  2. How good are CW watches?

    I already have, an Alpinist. Very nice it is, but I can't just have one decent watch, or two from the same maker.
  3. How good are CW watches?

    According to some enthusiasts whose comments I've read, the CW Trident Pro watches are "as good as watches costing £2,000", but I wonder how far this is true. Do they mean as good in terms of reliability, finish, design, aesthetics, or what. I would be interested to hear the thoughts of TWF members are on this.
  4. Traditional shaving

    Another traditional shaving enthusiast here, hence the forum name. I've tried straights, but found them too time consuming to use and maintain, and now split my shaving time between DE and SE razors. My top two DEs are a Timeless 0.68 and a Gillette Aristocrat no 15, while my best SE is a Schick type E. I like Feather, Kai, GSB and vintage English Wilkinson Sword DE blades, and Chinese Schick SE blades. My favourite brushes are a Morris and Forndran Blonde Badger and a Shavemac two band silvertip. I can't say which is my favourite soap, but I'm using Saponificio Varesino Dolimiti at the moment and really like it.
  5. Watch reliability

    During my Internet researches into various watches in the £500 to £1,000 price bracket I've been struck by the fact virtually every model seems to have garnered at least a few highly negative reviews, comments or rants from folk saying they bought one and it suffered some significant fault within the first couple of years of use, sometimes much less. Often the response from the retailers or manufacturers concerned also comes in for heavy criticism. I'm sure some of these reviews were the result of malice, unrealistic expectations or idiocy, but surely not all. This prompted me to wonder how common it is for pretty expensive watches from reputable manufacturers to suffer major faults, and whether some manufacturers are known for their reluctance to put things right. Any thoughts on this?
  6. Just ordered.....

    I've always quite liked the look of those, but reckon I would wonder where the other hand(s) had gone every time I glanced at it.
  7. Amazon( again) and delivery.

    I've found that things generally arrive before the estimated date with standard delivery from Amazon. The estimated date seems to be sort of a worst case scenario.
  8. Rolex Brochure

    It's the same with most of these hobbies (or obsessions). People will pay big money for old razor display cases, or posters advertising blades.
  9. Another CW addition

    Must resist the temptation of a CW watch. Must resist. Well, for now, anyways.
  10. That's fair enough. It's the saucers on straps, worn by people with relatively narrow wrists, that I find a bit ridiculous.
  11. Oris heritage

    Perhaps it was a case of their quality dipping in the 1970s, because at least some of their watches certainly did not fall into the luxury category.
  12. Daniel Hodge Watches

    That's a beautiful watch. It doesn't resemble anything else I've seen.
  13. 43mm of microbrand brilliance

    A nice combination of shades there. Subtle, but interesting.
  14. Oris heritage

    I was in a shop yesterday looking at various mid to high end watches and saw an Oris Aquis, very lightly used, that I quite liked the look of. What really put me off was the price of almost £1,000, which I thought a lot for a watch lacking what I'd call the heritage of other Swiss brands. Harking back to my teenage years, Oris was a maker of cheap watches; I had an example with a square brown face and a gold finish so thin you could almost see it peel off as you looked at it. So, has the quality of Oris watches improved a lot, or is it just just a matter of marketing along the lines of "if we charge a lot the punters will think the watches must be good"?
  15. I've never got the huge watch thing at all. They've always looked to me to be about making a statement rather than practicality or excellence in design.

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