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  1. Watch Identification

    Thanks for you two cents Mel! It is my first venture into purchasing a vintage watch, though I am no stranger to vintage and the money sink they can sure be haha. I do have a 60s watch as well as a modern watch as well so I am not too interested in another one of those right now. I am well prepared for the fact that it could be a mistake, theres always a big chance hah. I appreciate you warning! When are 2c humble? I may go that route in the end though I would love something from the 30-40s. The dial does look like it’s seen better days but overall from a surface level it looks fine to me and Im sure can be cleaned a bit. I like a bit if a vintage feel personally. Though one of the hands looks like it could get slightly corrected. I couldn’t say for the mechanism though. As always personally I like to research something a lot, buy it if it works out, and then learn about it even more. Definitely need to be careful with my “Toe in the water job”! I am looking at a few others as well. I still am very curious as to what this watch is though. Cannot find a trace of it anywhere. Thanks for the people taking a crack at it so far! What would you all price something like this at?
  2. Watch Identification

    Hello, I am not too well versed with watches and am looking for my first jump into vintage watches. I have come across one watch among a few online that I cannot identify at all. Help would be appreciated if someone would help me identify or find if it is fake. https://imgur.com/a/2Wvhw Thank you and have a nice day.

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