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  1. Refurb of a vintage pocket watch face

    I got the magnifying glass out and its hallmarked for Birmingham (anchor), 1916 (small letter r) and 15 carat (15 625) Hope this helps. G
  2. Refurb of a vintage pocket watch face

    Its definitely gold, the hallmarks are very small and difficult to read without magnifying. G
  3. Refurb of a vintage pocket watch face

    I appreciate that Simon. G
  4. Refurb of a vintage pocket watch face

    Here you are, I expensive is a relative term, would it be possible to narrow that down, i.e. under £100, low hundreds etc. We are keen to have it refurbished since our son is also a watch geek, whether that is affordable to us is another matter. However it would be a great shame to see it broken down for it's gold content. Graeme
  5. Hi, My wife inherited her Grandfathers gold pocket watch/stop watch by H Samuel Manchester, the face is badly chipped in a couple of places, is it possible to have the face refurbished? The watch is working i.e. it tells the time, however the stop watch function does not appear to be working not helped by the sweep hand being missing. From guesswork regarding her Grandfathers age etc. we are assuming it's age is early 1900's it's number being 76062. All help appreciated. Thanks, Graeme

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