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  1. tx101

    Smoking To Vaping?

    Fancied some old school vibe Its alive Genesis atty wicked with stainless mesh
  2. tx101

    Rolex Buddy

    When I brought my Speedie from Goldsmiths in Canary Wharf, London I was told 6 months, maybe less. This was a couple of months ago
  3. tx101

    Seiko dial changeover

    Interesting looking case/shroud, custom ? Where can I get one from ?
  4. tx101

    Tuesday timepieces 12/06/2018

    this just came in the Post
  5. tx101

    4 Steps changing a bezel insert

    using a screwdriver to pry the insert off ..... careful you don’t crack the glass
  6. tx101

    Ticking Tuesday 05.06.18

  7. tx101

    Old Seiko

    Clean black dial and the black day date wheel ..... lovely
  8. I was hoping to find a Bulova moon watch on sale. Im still kicking myself for not grabbing one the last time they where on sale
  9. tx101

    Friday WRUW

  10. tx101

    Where do you rate yourself?

    Im surprised to see Seiko as noob level

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