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  1. New year, new ventures

    Hi Martin, My initial post was just a way to introduce myself as a watch enthusiast and strap addict. I can see now how you think I am trying to advertise my straps for sale, if I have broken the rules of this forum I do apologize as this was not my intention. Like your blog btw you have quite the collection. If one of the moderators thinks I have breached T&Cs I'm more than happy for them to remove my first post. Scott
  2. New year, new ventures

    Thanks for the feedback guys much appreciated, I can see how the keeps look over-sized but I find having a larger keeper holds the strap perfectly. I have made straps (see picture below) with 2 smaller keeps, one sewn in and one floating, which equally hold the strap well, but like the buckle it's all down to personal preference. Thanks again for the feedback
  3. New member

    Hi guys, Just seen this section, perhaps I should have posted here first before my initial post in the strap section, oops. I'm a Seiko fanatic, strap addict/maker currently saving for a big purchase. Anyway thanks for letting me join the community. Scott
  4. Hey guys, First post here so thought I'd show my face and join the community properly after finally getting round to registering. Not sure if this is the right section to post or not but here goes... I've been making straps for some time now (images below), it would be great to get some feedback and honest/constructive criticism. More images are available on my Instagram account https://goo.gl/zdrx7p Thanks Scott

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