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  1. St. Patrick's Day Watch Parade 17.03.18

    My greenest. Where's all the Alpinists then?
  2. Happy as a pig in **** - Oris Aquis date

    Really nice, distinctive looking thing. Enjoy! (how's the snow resistance rating though?)
  3. TGI Friday watches...

    Giving Les an outing today:
  4. Cheap, vintage inspired dive watches

    Quartz is good too: On tropic here -
  5. Cheap, vintage inspired dive watches

    I really wanted to like these, I'd seen loads of pictures online and got that poor mans PO vibe but had nagging doubts, actually went to my local Chapelle store who were about cheapest for it anyway with a view to buy and walked away empty handed. Sort of resin coated bezel looks cheap and it's smaller than you think it's going to be, the domed crystal doesn't look right somehow and no crown protection. Just felt less than the sum of its parts.
  6. Cheap, vintage inspired dive watches

    I have to say if your brief is vintage inspired beater I am loving this one at the minute: Seiko NH35 movement so hand wind and hacking, about +20sec over the last week, lovely brushed case with the nicest screw down crown I've encountered, and very well shielded in those crown guards for your site work. I suspect it'll look great a bit bashed up too if you've got it working hard. Made by "military industries" and appear on constant rotation on ebay auctions hovering around the £70 mark with a pair of NATOs in a choice of marked or sterile dial and auto or quartz versions. Negatives - mineral crystal but that'll be most at this price, bezel while 120 click is not the most premium feeling, and the lume is maybe a bit too self consciously vintage peachy https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Military-Industries-Automatic-24-Jewel-1982-Pattern-300m-1000ft-Divers-Watch/382403974142?hash=item59090d93fe:g:ruwAAOSwuHdaaF7a This is where I got mine from although looks like they've got no cheap autos going through just now.
  7. Thursday Autos.

    Some nice watches and some great pics this morning. My humble offering, wearing a leaving gift from an old job to celebrate a new one:
  8. Wednesday Quartz~14th March.

    Going a bit off piste today, this one doesn't often get an outing.
  9. how often a purchase

    Look on the bright side, I keep buying watches just to check whether I actually wanted them or not when they turn up.
  10. tissot pr 50 pics

    I've bought 2 now (plus my son bought one) and I'm really not a fan, they try way too hard design wise and the quality is pretty poor, time adjustment ranges on the 3 in the house from loose and flappy to can barely turn the crown without resorting to tools. Go into a jewellers and try on a couple of watches and play with rotating bezels even on middle of the road Accurist or Rotary models for example and then try the one on the De Tomaso and you'll feel the difference. I don't know how old you are but I remember if you went into an electrical retailers in the 90's you could buy a mini system from Sony, Panasonic et al for somewhere round the £100 mark that would look unobtrusive and sound OK, the De Tomaso would be the enormous plastic shouty thing for the same money that looked like the dashboard from a Delorean with flashy lights to tell you how LOUD it was that had the sound quality of a drunk singing in the back of a taxi. ...was that a bit harsh I like your others
  11. which is the best brand Lorus or Pulsar

    At the bottom end of the range they're virtually identical, but Pulsar go a bit further upmarket and seem better supported by Seiko with for example WRC tie in models and Solar and Kinetic models which Lorus don't get. Pulsar get some interesting looking watches, they play around more with techy looking ana-digi watches and funky designs that are maybe a bit too left field for Seiko to do under their own brand. Lorus then seem to do budget versions of whatever Pulsar are doing with nice cheap unadventurous quartz movements in. For Lorus think Sekonda, Pulsar more like Accurist territory (another pairing that come under shared ownership)
  12. how often a purchase

    The last calendar month: Some more considered, some complete punts. Some I am really pleased with, some... not so much. Works out I guess 1 or 2 a week. Keeps me entertained anyway
  13. tissot pr 50 pics

    Your De Tomaso is a bit subtle, I decided to really go for it when i bid on one, now I'm too embarrassed to wear it.
  14. Watch for my son

    For something a bit different how about that Dan Henry "1970" that keeps popping up on the daily threads. Runs at $250 from their website, available in a 40mm size and that compressor style should wear a little slimmer than a standard big bezel dive watch. https://danhenrywatches.com/products/1970-automatic-diver-watch
  15. Shame on Me ....... Just Cavalli

    Think what was on the inside was the least of your worries there. Spot on if you are a power ranger on the side though. Replacement is a handsome thing though, got a soft spot for a bit of Fossil.

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