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  1. Perlative Cernometer

    Saturday attire

    One I haven't had out for ages:
  2. Perlative Cernometer

    Friday's here again...

    Shiny shiny Roamer:
  3. Perlative Cernometer

    make a choice

    High praise indeed! The Citizen is terribly impressive and all, but I'd always skip over it and wear the Pulsar.
  4. Perlative Cernometer

    Unboxing my first for a while

    Hang on, how are we supposed to judge the quality of a microbrand if they don't make yet another Sub homage first to compare with all the other sub homages? Lack of understanding of this point of microbrand etiquette aside that looks a fascinating piece of design. Refreshing choice, bravo! (No lume shot? Reckon they could have just lumed the eyes on the skull.)
  5. Perlative Cernometer

    1918 was the year..

    Somebody might buy 2!
  6. Perlative Cernometer

    1918 was the year..

    So the rotor is made from bits of 4 historic aircraft still flying today..... hope they didn't pinch anything too critical to melt down then.
  7. Perlative Cernometer

    New Seiko

    http://www.argos.co.uk/product/9157318 - Ridiculously good for the price. Eco drive, decent bracelet with ratchet dive extension, 200m with ISO cert, great lume, easy read, positive quality feeling 60 click bezel with a lovely easy to grip rim and no play, screw crown. £130! Not as glamorous as the PADI but effective nonetheless.
  8. Perlative Cernometer

    Just back from holiday

    Beautiful case & a nice selection, think I'd have needed 3 of them for what I took on holiday though Must get the hang of this travelling light malarkey. Glad you enjoyed it.
  9. Perlative Cernometer

    Been on holiday..

    That's more or less the run we've just done on Britannia plus Alesund. Got a suspicion Flam doesn't usually look like this though, we got incredibly lucky. Maybe when they get the really good stuff out you'll get suitably excited though
  10. Perlative Cernometer

    New Arrival... holiday watch!

    Lovely looker, had that black and green combo on my "must get round to buying one of those sometime" list for a while. Enjoy - watch and holiday.
  11. Perlative Cernometer

    I thought this was photoshopped, but apparently not

    Which dial!?
  12. Perlative Cernometer

    Been on holiday..

    Cruise around Norway during some of the hottest weather they've ever seen - Wednesday was apparently the hottest day on record there so we were rather unexpectedly sunning ourselves on a beach. Fabulous! Spent a fair amount of time looking around the watch shop too, nearly came back with a Visodate before deciding to push the boat out a bit further.
  13. Perlative Cernometer

    Sunday Young Guns (Made After 1990), 03/06/2018

    New one Ooh, I do like that one
  14. Perlative Cernometer

    Been on holiday..

    Come back with some duty free Even the clasp is good for 30 bar apparently Pretty pleased, probably my most "serious" watch purchase to date.
  15. Perlative Cernometer

    Sell or not Sell.

    I am in a murky grey area in between. I have never sold a watch personally (I'd be a terrible ebayer - I'm useless at remembering to post stuff) so if I ever have a "clear out" (that's getting rid of the odd half dozen here and there when I can no longer see my desk top) I donate them to my local hospice shop. I do however manage said hospice shop so I suppose then I do technically sell them, just not on my own behalf.

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