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  1. Is this a fake Poljot?

    Hi @WRENCH I do agree that a big part of this is the hunt for the watch. Right now I think its a rabbithole. First I watch some videos on youtube, then ALOT more, then I tried to narrow the competion down (The price, style of clock, the price, buy from europe or everywhere, the price, quartz or mechanical and then of course the price if I havent mentioned that). Then I saw a video about the Seagull and I became facinated about clock's with a story to tell. It doesnt have to be the original from 70-80's, because right now I wouldnt think a scratched authentic from a specific timeperiod, would be so nice as a new one made at the same factory. I will start from today making favorites on Etsy, that was a great idea. Hi@Lampoc Thank you for the input. I also think its a shame with the dial. He have used the wrong font for text. Best wishes for a great new year to you both Henrik
  2. Is this a fake Poljot?

    That was a surprise that under the cold war they made watches with english text! Maybe it was so they could get western currency. Thiss is the link: https://www.etsy.com/dk-en/listing/272066408/poljot-de-luxe-nos-ultra-slim-soviet?ref=search_recently_viewed-3 I'm not asking because im angry at the seller, but more about what am I buying if I was about to buy it. To me its a very nice watch to look at and I like when the item has some history. Better than bying a DW. The first "historic" timepiece I heard about (2 weeks ago) was the Seagull. Much more interesting than a fashion watch, IMO. Thank you, again. Best wishes Henrik
  3. Is this a fake Poljot?

    Hi Lampoc Thank you for the welcome. I also had my doubt that it wasnt restored, but didnt know they used english. So you are saying that the original dial would have been in cyrilic, but the new one had the writting in english. The price I also found "nearly to good to be true" approx 120 £. Personally I dont care if its restored, but it would have been nice that is was as the original fx cyrilic. Do you think the clock inside is original? Best wishes Henrik
  4. Is this a fake Poljot?

    Hello Im totally new in this watch thing. Just bought my first watch, a Seiko 5. Was surfing on Etsy and found this watch from Poljot and the seller writes a bit blurry (to me) that is a vintage from 70's The thing is that the text in the watch are in english!! In the 70's it was USSR and my guess wasa that it should be in russian or any of sort of "eastern" languages. Am I correct? Best wishes Henrik

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