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  1. Spenner

    Used Omega Seamaster

    Be careful with 100% feedback on Ebay, this is a total of buying and selling and have bought thinking all was was OK, I now click on the members id, see all feedback and then feedback of a seller just to make sure. Hope you find that bargain watch
  2. Spenner

    Garrard auto watch

    Thanks Simon, I see another member states that you service his watches so have sent you an email for a quote, please remember poor Northern disabled OAP struggling to put a slice of bread on the table. All gifts of unwanted watches gold jewelry etc. greatly received.
  3. Hi Annie, Like you I am new here but one thing I have learnt is that if a watch has geneve on the dial (as the Omega above) it is built to a very high standard, if you google geneve you will see a full and better explanation. For my wife's 70th birthday I bought a solid gold geneve battery watch off ebay for a £150, I do not know if the value of the watch will improve but I assumed that the gold value will. I also recently bought an automatic and the people in the know say to get it serviced the cheapest quote so far is £110 so you might want to take that into consideration. Good look with your search.
  4. Spenner

    Garrard auto watch

    I see what you mean I would always go for a watch with paperwork definitely makes sense although at this time I have no intention of selling any of my watches and have no intention of returning the Gerrard, I will look into getting it serviced.
  5. Spenner

    Garrard auto watch

    Minimum cost???????????????? will the service cost more than the value of the watch or is this something I should not be considering as the watch although only stainless steel is a very nice watch. One other thing to consider is the watch and original strap was described as hardly used and in its mint condition box. If it has been sat in a drawer somewhere for 50 years will it need a service? Is it possible to give an idea of service cost on here (not sure if this is allowed) considering postage costs it may be cheaper to find someone local but it will give me an idea of what I should be paying?
  6. Spenner

    Garrard auto watch

    Thanks Simon worked a treat, gives me peace of mind that the watch works as it should.
  7. Spenner

    Garrard auto watch

    Hi Tourbillon, The back of the watch says it is 5ATM so did not want to break the seal. Am I right in thinking that the position of the crown that I am looking for is the quickset date. If there is no quickset then I assume you will need to turn the hands for ever until the correct date is acquired. The watch was described as supurb/mint condition which I agree with and will not be asking for a refund, it is far too nice to let go.
  8. Spenner

    Garrard auto watch

    Thanks animal one, it keeps very good time and at the moment I will just keep it as it is, I can not see the date without my glasses anyway and the last time I tried to change hands I lost the second hand and I am still looking for it.
  9. Spenner

    Garrard auto watch

    Had a go at putting pics on here and failed, then they asked for money, I thought it was free? I have a couple of heart conditions and although I have changed my computer on several occasions I always get the one that will not do as it is told, this gets me all of a tiz and I get all of a bother, not good for my condition, might try again one day when my mind is tuned in properly. The Garrard is on ebay the only silver coloured auto on sale.
  10. Spenner

    Garrard auto watch

    Hi all, Bought a Garrard 1960s automatic watch of Ebay and I can not get the date adjust to work, there only seems to be 2 positions when pulling out the crown. Am I missing something here or is it a fault with this type/make of watch or just a fault with this watch, I love the watch and do not want to return it, that and the fact the same watch is for sale on Ebay at twice the price I paid. I would like to thank all the replies I received about which watch you would buy, I never considered a Seiko but as several members mentioned the make I had a look, I now wear a Seiko as my daily watch, it's a kinetic the one with the red bar between the 12 and 1 O'clock, love it. From India on Ebay I bought a Seiko automatic, dirt cheap, you get what you pay for as I learned with the tools, keeps stopping, put it in an auto winder and still stopped got my money back no problem so can not complain too much.
  11. Spenner


    Well the tools arrived what a load of rubbish there was rust on a couple of pieces, should have sent it back, then I thought what can you buy for £18, a couple of pub meals and a pint so I kept them, you never know when I might need a cheap aluminium case.
  12. Spenner


    Thank's for that I don't feel as much of a plonker now.
  13. Spenner


    Have I have just thrown £18 away, but as I know I will never make a watch repairer I will have a go at repairing a Quartz watch by replacing the movement (waiting for it to get a bit warmer so I can use the better light and extra elbow room in the conservatory). Then I can add a few cheaper watches to my collection.
  14. Spenner


    Hi, Ebay have a 20 piece watch repair tool kit in an aluminium case reduced from £30 down to £18 after I have bought most of it separate, still ordered one much easier than rooting about in a drawer for the tool you want. Now all i need is the skills.
  15. Spenner

    Which make of watch would you buy.

    Thank's for the replies so far, the choice's are numerous. Thinking of going down the used side rather than new I like the look of the Garrard watch and the more expensive type (on Ebay) who's name's I have never heard of, save my pennies up and buy something in solid gold 2 or 3 times a year. Pointers of best places to buy such watches would be appreciated. Thank's

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