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  1. Tools

    Thank's for that I don't feel as much of a plonker now.
  2. Tools

    Have I have just thrown £18 away, but as I know I will never make a watch repairer I will have a go at repairing a Quartz watch by replacing the movement (waiting for it to get a bit warmer so I can use the better light and extra elbow room in the conservatory). Then I can add a few cheaper watches to my collection.
  3. Tools

    Hi, Ebay have a 20 piece watch repair tool kit in an aluminium case reduced from £30 down to £18 after I have bought most of it separate, still ordered one much easier than rooting about in a drawer for the tool you want. Now all i need is the skills.
  4. Which make of watch would you buy.

    Thank's for the replies so far, the choice's are numerous. Thinking of going down the used side rather than new I like the look of the Garrard watch and the more expensive type (on Ebay) who's name's I have never heard of, save my pennies up and buy something in solid gold 2 or 3 times a year. Pointers of best places to buy such watches would be appreciated. Thank's
  5. Which make of watch would you buy.

    OOOPS that should be quartz not non quartz for repair. there seems to be a lot of Rotary watches going for what seems to me to be cheap on Ebay any good??????????
  6. I am going to start a watch collection as a hobby, I would want a good quality watch without spending a fortune say about £150 each. What make would you choose where would you buy them from, new or old? I did think of buying non working quartz watches and having a go at fixing them, I have worked on small light engineering machines most of my working life but old man shakes have killed that idea off, so I will look to buy a working one monthly. I also like dress watches rather than the multi dial type although one or two are eye catching. Any ideas or suggestions gratefully received. Thank's
  7. Garrard watch

    Hi Simon, Bought tools of Ebay for removing the pointers and used them on a couple of old watches no problem, sent for the F0511 and rather than try to replace the movement in the Garrard first, I have an old Rotary watch I bought about 25 years ago and sent away for a replacement movement, well I made a right mess of it lost the minute hand tried to replace it from another watch,disaster, I have now decided that my old man shakes are not good enough for the Garrard. I have just found an email in my junk emails from Ross and have decided to send him an email for an estimate to fit the F05111, probably more than the watch is worth will keep you posted.
  8. Garrard watch

    Hi, Thank's for the replies, DJH584 the correct number but the size seems more for a ladies watch, if it was the correct module they will only sell to a watch repairer. Have asked for a couple of quotes but no replies so far. Is it possible that the correct module 947 111 is no longer available? if so is there another unit that will take its place?????????? Is there anyone interested in fixing this watch at a reasonable price. Happy new year to you all.
  9. Garrard watch

    Hi, Had another go with 381 battery and the watch ticks away no problem but when any pressure is put on the battery or hold down clip the watch stops????????? I have tried to see if there is some sort of way for the battery to be shorted out but can not see any reason for this. I think I will get a few quotes and get it repaired as I really like the watch.
  10. Garrard watch

    Took me about 2 hours but not sure how I did it
  11. Spenner

    Yes it looks like that, thank you very much, puts my mind at rest, nothing hurts as much as being ripped off.
  12. Spenner

    Hi, The above got me thinking, so I took the back off, easily done as the are big cut outs to place a removal knife. I expected Tissot to be somewhere on the inside but it does not, however it does say swiss v3 seven jewels and 955 112. Would they use a swiss movement it was a fake???????
  13. Ebay

    Done. I am on this site everyday.
  14. Spenner

    Thanks again Learn something new everyday.
  15. Spenner

    Hi, Just bought a Tissot PR50 watch of Ebay my concern is that the second hand ticks rather than sweeps, do not want to remove the back as this may invalidate any claim. Have I bought a fake. Thanks for any replies in advance.

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