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  1. good independent article on Parnis.....

    Look, you have every right to dislike Parnis watches, or any watches for that matter. I used to post on a predominantly American site, where they liked Parnis, but hated Invicta. I tend to judge a watch by it's value for money and it's looks, as I can't afford, or at least can't justify spending money on a luxury brand watch. I have owned, sold, and bought dozens of watches, and to this day I haven't found a brand that offers better VFM money than Parnis, and believe me, nobody has spent more time looking . If you can give me names of other brands I should consider, that offer the same sort of spec, I would genuinley love to hear about them. I have an interest in homage watches, I don't deny it. I fully appreciate that you don't like them, but you should be prepared to accept that others do. I have no interest in fake's, and yes I did unknowingly buy one some years ago before my interest in horology. Big deal, we all make mistakes, and I'm no different, now get over it
  2. good independent article on Parnis.....

    Mate, your like a little kid. I come on here to discuss watches. I enjoy looking at other peoples timepieces, and sharing experiences and other points of view. I am particularly pleased that we don't all share the same opinions, and have different tastes, because it wouldn't be much of a forum if we din't. For some reason you have taken a dislike to me, probably because we differ in our opinions of certain products. Well that's life my friend. I have a feeling that if you do, or were to support a football team, you would probably hate all the other supporters. Now, please, grow up and stop behaving like some sort of hormonal teenager !!
  3. good independent article on Parnis.....

    With all due respect, I don't believe that. As you are aware, Parnis use different factories, as do manufacturers of many goods. They are produced under some sort of license, the QC is monitored by Parnis. To buy a watch directly from their site costs a lot more, and you are also forced to pay for a box you may not want. It's quite possible that some factories standards are not as high as others, however the supplier I use always send me an excellent product. I can only go by my own experiences, and the watches I have received offer incredible value for money
  4. good independent article on Parnis.....

    Another key board warrior. You really are quite sad. If you don't like me, you can block me. Now go away and crawl under something damp and smelly
  5. good independent article on Parnis.....

    So if I dive in it, and it works, it still isn't a divers watch because of some bureaucracy. That's very British
  6. I seriously love this watch, although I know some won't. It is my heaviest watch, and comes in at over 200 grams
  7. Even the title made me go all strange. I have never given anything away in my life, and I don't intend to start now. I even sell my wife her Christmas presents

    In which case would you kindly change my avatar, as some child has put something very silly on it. I have tried, but unable to do so. Thanks

    Some dick head put that on, and I don't even know who ticktock is

    Here we go. Thanks

    After an afternoon in the local pub, I came home and had a look on eBay. I bid, and won a Seiko quartz Chronograph 100m WR resistant watch, apparently in pristine condition. The numbers on the back of the watch read as follows, 203626, movement 7T92 - ONYO. I paid £57, and have no idea whether I got a bargain, or the alcohol fuelled impulse has wasted me money. Of course, I have googled the numbers, but have come back with nothing. HELP
  12. good independent article on Parnis.....

    Don't know, and don't really care, but have swam in it and it doesn't leak
  13. good independent article on Parnis.....

    I have an Orient Mako XL with an orange face, lovely watch, with an MRP of £320. I bought it used for £130. As a comparison I have a Parnis 43mm 200m diver which cost me £82. I always use these two watches as an example of how good Parnis watches can be. I should also point out that Parnis hold their price incredibly well. In fact, it's often cheaper to buy a new one direct from China than to buy a used one from the UK. I own 7, they are all well made and very well spec'd. I compare with them with Skoda cars. They were once heaps of junk, but are now a well made reliable mid range car. Without having the opportunity to examine the two watches together it's hard to explain how much better the Parnis is. MAKO PARNIS SIZE - 43mm 43mm WINDOW -Mineral Sapphire BEZEL - 60 click, painted 120 click ceramic insert CASE - 316L stainless 316L stainless MOVEMENT - In house, -25 secs a day after regulating Miyota, +8 secs a day WR - 200m 200m STRAP - A noisy loose fitting stainless bracelet Well fitting solid stainless CROWN - Screw in Screw in
  14. Saturday 10th February watch parade

    200m Invicta 43mm diver. Nice watch, terrible photo

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