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  1. Believe me, I know watches, and ignore what is written on the dial. The spec, the feel, and the accuracy of the Parnis knocks spots off of the Orient. Don't get me wrong, the Orient looks great, especially with the orange dial, but technically it's inferior. I wish you could see the two side by side
  2. My best example is an Orient Maco with an MRP of £320 against my Parnis 200m diver costing £82. Don't get me wrong, the Orient is very nice, but really isn't a touch on the Parnis. The Orient has a mineral crystal glass, whist the Parnis a sapphire, the Orient has an inaccurate in house movement, whilst the Parnis has an accurate Miyota, the Orient has a painted bezel with a 60 click turn, the Parnis has a ceramic bezel with a 120 click turn. As well as that the strap on the Parnis is considerably better, and doesn't make a noise like the Orient.
  3. Does your other half like watches?

    My old woman does like watches, and owns 7 of her own, although the collection has very little financial value. That said, she is a mile away from my addiction, and thinks I am completely potty. Perhaps I am
  4. Quite excited

    I already have 7 Parnis watches, as I rate them the best value for money watch available. I negotiated a deal today to get me this Hublot homage for £76 delivered. Sapphire glass, 316L case, ceramic bezel, Miyota movement. A lovely addition to my collection
  5. Overthinking a Watch purchase

    We are all different, and what suits you may not suit me. My entire collection of 34 watches is worth about £5k. You may prefer to spend that £5k on one watch, two watches, or 50 watches. I love to change my watch every day, and get a great thrill out of doing so (yes, I am very sad). I love to go to my watch boxes and look at my collection every day (again, I am very sad). I believe I know enough about what makes up a good watch not to spend a fortune on any individual time piece. However, that isn't to say that if you spent you entire budget on one watch, it wouldn't be the right thing for YOU. Of course, the problem with only buying the one watch may leave you wondering if it is the right one. What's more, we all have different taste, so advising you is impossible. Hopefully you have read enough on this forum to give you some ideas, or possibly it has confused you so much you don't know what to do.
  6. Christopher ward c60 trident pro

    I have the C60 600 Trident. What a watch. It's seriously faultless. I bought mine from a collector, it was six months old and he let me have it for £350. You will not be disappointed as CW are seriously good watches
  7. Will it fit

    Yes, same watch but with a bracelet. He bought the watch used for £1800 from a bloke who was desperate for quick cash. I think putting a PAM on any other strap than a PAM strap is a bit of a sin, and such a strap would cost as much as a two week holiday in Greece. It's interesting to see all your opinions, I will update you when it arrives. Fingers crossed
  8. Will it fit

    A friend of mine has a Panerai power reserve luminor with a stainless bracelet. He acquired it about 18 months ago but has been unable to wear it because the bracelet is not big enough. He got it at a price, and the seller couldn't supply the extra links. He contacted Panerai who wanted £320 a link, or £1595 for a new bracelet. Now, as nice as the bracelet is, I think that's taking the p155. As it happens I wanted to put a stainless strap on my white faced Pan homage, and had considered ordering said bracelet. I gave him a buzz and asked if he would consider giving me £20 for a spare link if it fitted, as I know I will have to remove a few when it arrives. He of course said a big fat YES. It is coming from China, and as we all know the Chinese are pretty good at replicating what ever they want to. The strap looks pretty much identical in the photos, and both are joined by screw pins. So, who thinks it may fit ?
  9. Is there any chance I can get the Omega for the same price ?
  10. Have you bought or sold a watch with me?

    If you would consider sending me a nice watch free of charge, I can arrange a fantastic combination of reviews from people with incredible credentials.
  11. Three of Your Best.

    Honestly, from a technical point of view the Parnis is much better than the Orient
  12. Why is there so much snobbery for Hublot

    All a matter of taste, but I think that watch is stunning. All luxury brands are ridiculously overpriced, and that is why I won't buy one unless I get a crazy bargain price. I may however be tempted by a homage similar to the one pictured
  13. Three of Your Best.

    This is very subjective, because my high end may be someone else's cheap end. Anyway, here we go As it would appear my OMEGA is a fake, this is my best watch, and would put it up against a watch that cost a lot more Although I believe I have better watches than this, from a financial point of view this is my mid range. An Orient Maco. Very pretty, but not as good as some of my Chinese models This is the hardest one of all to chose. I have several Parnis watches, and all I rate very highly. I have three Panarai homage models which make me go soft at the knees, but technically this the best. 200m WR, sapphire glass, Miyota movement, ceramic bezel.
  14. Thursday 18th January 2018 automatics

    I love this watch so much. Honestly, the strap is worth more than I paid for the watch it's self, and the watch is superb
  15. UV barrier glass for a watch box

    Surely, if they are kept indoors it wouldn't be an issue ?

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