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  1. Seiko. Japan or Malaysia .

    I've recently bought a SKX009 and held out for the Japanese version. Not too sure why as I realise the J and K are pretty much the same but I wanted the Made in Japan stamped on the bottom of the dial. It was about a tenner more and a bit more troublesome to get hold of but not much.
  2. Approach to numbers.

    It's obvious - the correct number of watches is n+1 where n is the number of watches you already own
  3. Zoom and Other Odd Brands

    Quite like that. I like the arrow on the end of the second hand.
  4. good independent article on Parnis.....

    From a neutral observer and without knowing any history it seems like Mr Minute wasn’t the first one to start making it personal in this thread.
  5. Jura Watches

    I can highly recommend their whisky.
  6. You'd think if you're going to spend car money on a watch you'd have done some research and would at least know how to spell the brand...
  7. Watch Podcasts

    Another one is the worn and wound podcast which is ok http://wornandwound.com/podcast/
  8. Tuesday Timepieces 06.02.18

    I'll chip in with my newbie as well
  9. Arrived earlier than expected

    It is very comfortable - it sits nice on my skinny girlie wrist. What was the issue some have alluded to about bezel alignment on the SKX series?
  10. Wasn't expecting it for another week # Not sure what day it is though
  11. Incoming

    14 minutes and 5 seconds past 10 :D
  12. Incoming

    No, there's no date.
  13. Incoming

    https://www.tkmaxx.com/uk/en/gifts/gifts-for-him/black-hawker-harrier-ii-analogue-watch/p/76493971 It was then
  14. Incoming

    One of the TK Maxx bargains - quite impressed with it. Feels nice, decent quality strap. It's a little bit different.
  15. eBay shop

    Well, I’ve pulled the trigger on an 009J from amazon - it should be here in a week or so

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