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  1. Wheelnut69

    Where do you rate yourself?

    Another 3 for me
  2. Wheelnut69

    New arrival...cheapest in a while

    Very nice and a bit different
  3. Wheelnut69

    Cheapo Divers

    I do like some of the invicta range - seem to be a lot of watch for not a lot of money!
  4. The minute hand gives a strangely satisfying jump at the 0, 20 and 40 second mark :) Why do watches always look a lot bigger on your wrist in photos than they in real life?
  5. Wheelnut69

    WWW (Wednesday Wrist Wear)

  6. Wheelnut69


    A couple of more pics of the clasp
  7. Wheelnut69


    This caught my eye a while ago, but it was still a bit of an impulse buy while wandering round the Trafford Centre when I should have been working! The pics don’t do the dial justice - it a beautiful deep grey. The clasp is also a work of art with an aircraft seatbelt type fastening. Got a good deal on it as well - well chuffed.
  8. Wheelnut69

    No Swatches ?

  9. Wheelnut69

    Holiday watch?

    There's a nice edifice for £69 - I think there's a coupon for 10% off as well https://www.watches2u.com/watches/casio/efv-540d-1avuef-mens-edifice-watch.html
  10. Wheelnut69

    Linux or Windows

    For those who are running the latest version of Win 10 but might not want to make a total jump to Linux but would like to see what's it about .... https://www.linux.com/blog/learn/2018/2/how-get-started-using-wsl-windows-10
  11. Wheelnut69

    Linux or Windows

    I'm not particularly up to date with the Linux world, but the thing that would stop that happening would be the thing that makes Linux great - with it being open source and always under development many serious developers who want to throw a lot of money at a project will not see it as a stable platform for investment.
  12. Wheelnut69

    Linux or Windows

    It depends on what you want to do,with it. If you've got an old low powered laptop that you only want for web surfing and YouTube then bang a Linux distro on it. Like it or not, virtually all third party line of business applications are MS centric. Want to run Sage for instance, then it's got to be MS. That said, the rise of cloud/browser based applications will render the dependence on a particular platform, if not obsolete, then certainly more flexible. That, and don't forget it's daddy, Unix.
  13. Wheelnut69

    Saturday Watch Show

  14. Wheelnut69

    You never Know Your Watch.

    I think the standard technique with a gshock is to press every button randomly for at least 30 minutes until it does what you want it to.
  15. Wheelnut69

    Seiko ............ from India

    No real intention of buying one - they're not my cup of tea. Just curious really.

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