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  1. Turpinr

    Things that don’t mix well.

    Waffle, waffle, non sequitur, failed attempt at wit etc etc.
  2. Turpinr

    Things that don’t mix well.

    Boris Johnson and diplomacy
  3. Turpinr

    What WIS do during Royal Weddings

    I managed to avoid the Royal circus yesterday so a bit dismayed to see it all over the TV, still
  4. Turpinr

    Dieting/losing weight.

    "they look good" They do look good, like the spinners on wire wheeled sports cars.
  5. Turpinr

    Dieting/losing weight.

    What sort of skewers have you got through your wheels?
  6. Turpinr

    Mazda MX5 or BMW Z4?

    That's what I'd go for.
  7. Turpinr


  8. Turpinr

    Who wants to be a millionaire

    There are healthier looking corpses than Clarkson, i dont think you'll have to put up with him much longer.
  9. Turpinr

    I'm a bracelet guy

    With both of the new Tags i bought, links were removed. I put a link back in this time of year when the weather is warming up, to allow for my wrist swelling a bit after a couple of hours walking
  10. Turpinr

    Tuesday Timepieces

    Ive just turned 60 another 3 or 4 years yet.
  11. Turpinr

    Tuesday Timepieces

    Good luck, early retirement sounds good to me.
  12. Turpinr

    New Colt

    Yeah, i fancy one myself. What the other one on your joint 1st list??
  13. Turpinr

    New Colt

    41mm with the darker face looks a winner.
  14. That looks like a fairground prize
  15. Turpinr

    Rolex owners club

    Air king 14010

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