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  1. Nothing hits the spot.

    Get yourself a nice custom strap to your own specs on something that you think deserves it... With you on wanting more choice on the Precisionist front though - I'd have one tomorrow if hey made one I liked size/design wise!
  2. New Arrival

    Shiny I think I'd struggle to resist making it a bit less shiny (IMO it would look better with the case brushed like most of the bracelet is), but it's still nice as-is! It is surprising how often those cheeky offers get accepted with no attempt to negotiate...
  3. Holiday watch?

    Summer strap = Perlon. Comfortable in the sun, more secure than a 2-piece strap, as colourful (or not) as you like and no tools to change so take a couple!

    IMO Daredevil is worth sticking with - I wouldn't have bothered beyond the first couple of episodes but I was persuaded to keep going...
  5. Hello and help, charity shop find.

    AFAIK (and I may be wrong) an 'all proof wrench' = one-piece case, i.e. the movement comes out by removing the crystal... You could hack at the back of the watch for a long time and get precisely nowhere!
  6. Hello and help, charity shop find.

    Looks a whole lot like the dial has been repainted to me too. Not a terrible job but the font on the 'Longines' script isn't as crisp as you'd expect from the factory, and the minute track isn't quite right either - look at the alignment with the 4 and 5 hour markers for example. Great score from a charity shop though - I'd be well chuffed with that!

    @Chromejob No Daredevil? Waaaay better than I was expecting.
  8. Arguing that an auto is more accurate than an atomic-synced quartz* is pointless, whether you can construct a convincing justification or not. On the other hand if you've no interest in anything mechanical, you'll be in a fairly exclusive club around here. Not sure whether @Davey P is currently taking membership applications... To answer the original question, I'd struggle to buy a certain very popular brand of watch purely because of their popularity - whilst being entirely aware that one would be nigh on perfect for me. *apart from one of mine, which is reliably ~5 seconds fast - most annoying!
  9. Buyers Remorse?

    A black rubber tropic would suit the vintage dive aesthetic so much better than that bracelet...
  10. No idea on any markings, but I'd say that it'll almost certainly be Titanium nitride - does the finish look like this one? http://forums.watchuseek.com/f10/vostok-komandirskie-tankist-w-2-oclock-crown-tini-coating-3353474.html
  11. No prob. Hope it was vaguely correct/useful. I like the look of that case - may even keep an eye out for one! I think the shinier 'gold' ones are a TiN finish, but hard to tell whether yours is that or unplated brass without seeing it... although it does look a bit clean for bare brass!
  12. Not an expert by any means so happy to be corrected on any of this, but: There are approximately eleventy billion varieties of Kommandirskie / Amphibia. They can generally be identified by the case and dial - yours have the '289' dial in two different case types - I think the middle one is a 341 case and the other two are the 331. The crown position is just down to the case shape. Has the plating been removed from the top one, or does it look like it came like that? Komandirskies have plated brass cases and are 20/50m water resistant, where the Amphibia is 200m and SS. 2414A manual wind 17J movement in all of yours.
  13. : Advice Please: DAB Radio With or Without CD?

    Is there some content you're after that isn't available online? There aren't many cases in which DAB is really the 'best' answer...
  14. Easter Saturday WRUW 31.03.18

    Go for the either the Seamaster or Italian version then! I prefer the normal Geneve (so I'm glad to have skinny wrists) but they're all nice...
  15. Easter Saturday WRUW 31.03.18

    New arrival today...

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