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  1. Good looking G-Shocks

    Ok, so I'm never going to claim that a G-shock is a great looking watch, but that's not really the point of them, is it?! As per the above, I think the GW-2000 is a pretty cool looking thing - and it's not as huuuuge as some! The new arrival on my skinny wrist as promised...
  2. Not suggesting they compare to the 'proper' tools mentioned above, but for those who are strapped for cash ( ), these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/391416528283 ...are a big step up from the ones you get 'free' with various cheap straps.
  3. Nato... whats the appeal.

    I like a NATO on a tool watch - most of my Seikos can usually be found on one. On a more-formal watch, if you like single piece fabric straps, go Perlon!
  4. Tempted but not sure if it is real

    Actually, doesn't look like the current seller won that auction? Still although it may be completely legitimate, there's enough there that I wouldn't touch it with yours!
  5. Tempted but not sure if it is real

    From the completed listings from the seller listed by @WRENCH, look at item 222788312881. The two photos of that don't match either - e.g. the minute markers around the date window. Is this where the one finishing this evening came from?
  6. Tempted but not sure if it is real

    It's a rubbish picture (and a lot of the others available on google are probably renders), so could be absolutely fine, but in addition to the sub-dial markers looking like they extend too far inwards, The font round the bezel looks too bold The font on the date looks off The '6' doesn't look like it lines up with the 120 ...
  7. Tempted but not sure if it is real

    As per my previous post, for starters have a look at the markings round the sub-dials and compare to another from elsewhere.
  8. Tempted but not sure if it is real

    If you're looking at the auction that finishes this evening, one of the pictures doesn't have 'Tissot' on the dial (!), and the other has numerous issues that make it look very very suspicious to me.
  9. SHOES

    Usually one of couple of pairs of Barkers for work - as mentioned above, proper shoes which can be re-soled are significantly cheaper in the long run than something half decent with a rubber sole, as well as being significantly nicer of course! Settled on the aforementioned Barkers for everyday use, but my faves are actually some Loake 1881s, although I have a few others from Grenson, Cheaney etc. What's the old saying? Don't skimp on things which go between you and the ground.
  10. opinions please

    Some random thoughts - feel free to ignore! The overall concept is great. 'Triest' looks like a typo for Trieste. I like the mermaid! But if it's not going to be the 'brand logo', you could do with something that is... 'Avanti' doesn't have particularly strong connotations, given the automotive background. I would want a watch like this to be sufficiently waterproof and rugged to stand up to the looks - not excessively so, but 'enough'. I don't care about the box - a Pelicase 1120 is ~£30 so if you must, put it in one of those! Movement-wise, I personally would ideally like something 'interesting'. A HAQ would be fine although I suspect you'd sell more with a mechanical, but I can't see myself spending a significant amount of money on a 're-wrapped Seiko 5', for example. Show me a GMT or a power reserve indicator, something highly accurate, with a really long power reserve, loads of shock protection...
  11. Good looking G-Shocks

    Middle for me. Will post some on-the-wrist photos for size comparison with some more 'normal' watches when mine arives!
  12. Good looking G-Shocks

    This looks like a winner to me...
  13. Good looking G-Shocks

    Is that the GST-W310? I've never had (or wanted) a G-Shock, but I came across something about these being a (slightly!) smaller option, and now I'm tempted... Would probably go with the 300 as I suspect the black bezel might tone it down a bit.
  14. Cost of Hobbies

    Watches are nowhere near the top of the list for me tbh, but it's easier to find the time around a young family than for cars (AKA a selection of semi-abandoned projects), bikes (mainly retro mtbs that I never find time to ride) and then the other fairly expensive hobby that I do still find time for! For some reason I don't tend to spend too much (/have too much to spend!) on guitars or cameras anymore, but given a lottery win...

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