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  1. Chris_Barrett

    Making my first watch

    @scottswatches I was looking at George Daniels book, I was going to ask whether to get it or not, but you've beat me to it. Right now I getting everything I need together, I've got a a cheap watch repair kit off Ebay, months ago to change the battery in my watch. So I think replacing items in that kit with decent quality tools, would be a good move. I've been looking at Various watchmaking tool companies, AF, Bergeon & Horotec. My wife uses some AF & Bergeon tools for her jewelery. But Do like the look of Horotec screwdrivers, so I think I'll get the sizes I need (everything below 1.5mm) separately, as pretty much all of my tools are Facom, so I'll use that set of precision screwdrivers (1.5, 2.0, & 3.0mm) for the time being. I will also need to sort out a workbench, I like the idea of one that I can just sit on top of my electronics bench, as that's the cleanest workbench I've got, it's also in the house so more comfortable. Movements, I was going to buy those in, learn how they are made, why they are made that way, etc, etc... Eventually I want to make my own movements. Hand's I should be able to make those sooner rather than later, already making some pretty small pieces of jewelery, quite used to the piecing saw. But if a piece needs a particular style of hand and I don't feel I can make a set then I'd buy them in. @gimli I will produce some CAD models of my ideas soon, just waiting for my new computer to arrive, the one I've been using for last 8 years died last week, so I'm a bit lost without Solidworks. I think by posting models on here will give you a better idea of what I am thinking, it will also provide others on here a chance to say stop, if I'm making a mistake in the design. @Roy shame you don't have pictures, I would love to see them... The more watches I look at the more and more I love watches. I love making things, and making watches is feeling more and more like the natural choice for me. Thank you all for you comments and advice, I don't really do forums, but I am certainly glad I joined this one.
  2. Chris_Barrett

    Making my first watch

    Ooooh, that's nice
  3. Chris_Barrett

    Making my first watch

    @gimli Thank you, this is one of the reasons I am posting this on here, to get feed back such as this. Either way I have to learn, if it's repairing a movement, replacing a part, making a part it's all part of the learning curve. But, acquiring the right movement for this first watch, would be much easier if it did not possess any complication. Thank you again for you input
  4. Chris_Barrett

    Making my first watch

    It's what is engraved on the movement. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rolex-watch-Movement-23-mm-7/132267703969?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20131017132637%26meid%3Ddcf4fb6a852c4a1198f618c2e02b5696%26pid%3D100033%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D8%26sd%3D132267741824&_trksid=p2045573.c100033.m2042 I will keep looking
  5. Chris_Barrett

    Making my first watch

    Found a Rolex 2519 movement, what do you think???
  6. Chris_Barrett

    Blandford S A Squale Ocean Diver

    @Paul Barrow Give these guys a chance, you never know... Don't forget a picture paints a thousand words...
  7. Chris_Barrett

    Making my first watch

    @mel I did not know about trench watches, thank you very much for pointing me in a direction of investigation... @gimli You've provided some very nice examples, thank you. As per making the hands, I don't know at the moment. I would like to, but I don't know. I'm watching Roger Smiths videos on finishing hands, so maybe... Given the examples presented here, and a direction of investigation, I like the Trench watch "idea" and I think that is the direction I will head with this first attempt. I think casting a case ring, bezel, and back are certainly within the realms of reason with my skill set and what I have to hand. Soldering on the strap lugs a'la Trench style, appeals to me, and if i going to go down the Trench watch route, in keeping with the design. Hands I will continue my learning process and hopefully make a pair of hands... Oh and I really like that Rolex ;)
  8. Chris_Barrett

    Making my first watch

    @mel My choice of Silver, is simply I've got a ice cream tubs full of it. It's going to be nothing more than a practice piece, hallmarking will not be necessary. If Hallmarking is required, I'll just hand it to my wife and she can put it in with her stuff, and send off to the Assay office in Birmingham, Which is a weekly event by the way... And if it does not work out how I like, or as expected, it'll just go back in one of the ice cream tubs for recycling later... @gimli I like the look of that watch, I think I'll go with something along those lines. Not using an automatic movement makes sense, been looking for used movements this morning, and the automatic movements do come across as a little too much for this first attempt. Your suggestion of a simple hand winding movement is something I like the idea of at this time. Thank you both for your comments & suggestions @mel forgot, yes I will be casting a case this time, easiest way to utilise the scrap Silver I have.
  9. Chris_Barrett

    Just fell down the rabbit hole...

    I'm polishing gold and silver almost every day, so got that part covered.
  10. Chris_Barrett

    Making my first watch

    Well, I going to make my first watch... Baby steps I suppose will be a good idea. So I'm not going to make a movement, I think buying a suitable movement is the best idea at this stage. I have quite a sizable quantity of Silver, from my wife's jewelery making business, so casting a case would be the most sensible and cheapest option, given I have everything I need to hand. My first question is, can anyone suggest a suitable movement for a first time project such as this? I don't want quartz, so all mechanical is the preference. Any suggestions as to a suitable movement will be most graciously received, however as much detail about the movement would also be appreciated, I am trying to learn after all. I crave your input, no matter whether it is positive or negative...
  11. Chris_Barrett

    Just fell down the rabbit hole...

    Hahaha, nobodies every thought I was an accountant before This is my wife's website, we're in the process of making a new one, so apologies for it being somewhat cluttered. http://sarahfoxfineart.co.uk/ The initial plan is to buy movements in, produce the cases, hands and faces, not a problem, we've got most of the hands tools needed for that. As per my own experience on the internals, not a lot, but I have worked with dive instruments, servicing and maintaining them, so that's a start. I have a lot of reading to do. We're not going to produce any watches until my required skill set is good enough. So in the meantime it's going to be buying old knackered watches and playing with them.
  12. Chris_Barrett

    Just fell down the rabbit hole...

    Thank you for your comments Gimli, most appreciated. Design & production, is a logical direction, as my workshop is equipped with suitable machinery already, and would only require the purchase of very specific horological machinery. I have a fetish for precision Swiss machine tools, Aciera milling machines, and Simonet lathes. My wife makes custom horse hair jewelery, which surprisingly is a very large and profitable worldwide market, she wants me to come in with her and design a range for men. As such we're looking at working with other materials other than gold & silver. Also, the main accessory for a man is a watch, hence the direction we're taking. We've not long moved, so for the last year I've been working on the house, whilst my wife earns the money with her jewelery. The house is almost finished, so I need to start looking for work. Given how well my wife's business has taken off, it make a lot of sense for me to join her, and bring in my skill set and expand the business. The bonus for me is I get to learn a whole new set of skills, which I must say, excites me. On a side note Gimli, I do bear a passing resemblance to Dwalin if I let my beard & hair grow. Although as it passes through the growing stage I look more like a hung over Crusty the Clown ;)
  13. Chris_Barrett

    BHI distance learning courses

    Makes sense. I think my next move is going to contacting BHI and have chat about where I go next.
  14. Chris_Barrett

    Just fell down the rabbit hole...

    Thanks, I like the idea of designing and producing my own, probably start by using ready made movements, build my skill set, then try my hand at making movements. But, as I said, I really have no idea where this will lead, so i might as well enjoy the ride.
  15. Chris_Barrett

    BHI distance learning courses

    If one does the distance learning courses, what is a good way to get hands on experience, if getting to the UK for the residential courses is not a practical option. I ask as I am starting out in watchmaking, and not sure where to start...

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