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  1. Bae1994

    Strange face on raketa

    I may have just seen the age as I just had a look through some of the catalogues and looks like it's around 1985
  2. Bae1994

    Strange face on raketa

    Hi I want to but I'm pretty sure I don't have the skill to do so Thank you I'll have a good look Also meant to ask before does anyone know a rough date on this watch? Cheers brad
  3. Bae1994

    Strange face on raketa

    Hi thank you I'm already hooked. I was not expecting it to be real. It seems strange but kinda cool because of that, thankyou for the info. I'm currently anxiously waiting for this one to arrive from belarus It has a 2623.h movement.
  4. Hello I got this watch off eBay thinking it was a 24 hour movement and then realised it had a strange display that goes 13 to 24 (so it's right for half the day only) the movement has 2609ha so believe that might be a real 12 h movement and the case has 140456. I was just wondering if this has a odd face for a reason (although can't think of one) or if it was a daft fake The face is in pretty rough shape but fortunately I only paid £7 I can't imagine any reason why this watch would get made. https://imgur.com/gallery/2LrYD https://imgur.com/gallery/V4CmT Thankyou brad

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