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  1. New arrival!

    Really like these, remind me of the Seiko SLA017, but much better value.
  2. More watch advice requested

    One of these, or any Seiko Sarb.
  3. Is there anything as annoying as...

    Yes it's happened to me. I can't remember the model number, but it was the limited edition Seiko monster with the purply blue dial, and blue anodised bezel. I knew it was potentially dodgy when I bought it, very out of focus pics on ebay, but it arrived with scratches down to the metal all around the bezel, despite the watch being described as mint. One seemingly confused seller had to give a full refund, and he had it back on there shortly after! But twice in a week is definitely a bad run, you must have had your years worth now hopefully! It must be a bad shock, at least I was half expecting an issue with the monster, and that was bad enough.
  4. Friday watches 16/2

    I know, exactly what you mean, stop after today, you've exceeded your yearly quota. I stopped doing overtime about 3 years ago, fortunate to be able to choose I know, but I'm on a good hourly rate and decided to live according to my pay. Finding just doing my shifts so hard now, I can't imagine how I used to do it.
  5. Friday watches 16/2

    Definitely bad for you, just got up, eaten (wrong time of night to do so), be back home 06:20 in the morning. They say it can knock ten years off your expectancy. Plus I can't wear my Aqua Terra!
  6. Friday watches 16/2

    Ouch, that's definitely for the worse! It's not so much the night shift itself that I don't like, it's more the fact you spend the whole 24hrs based around working the shift. With mornings (earlies), or afternoons (lates), you get up, you work, go home, you do what you like (relatively) in between. But nights, meh Now that is so cool.
  7. Friday watches 16/2

    Snowdonia looks simply beautifull, I'm long overdue a visit. Thank you for that picture. My father's family have deep roots in Ynys Mon, but he was born and bred in Dudley. The Black Country resonates with me also.
  8. Friday watches 16/2

    Ten tonight until six tomorrow morning.
  9. Friday watches 16/2

    Quiet pint before bed, the only joy of working night shift.
  10. Your Going to Hate This

    Some would say window licker! But only when Seiko or Omega are in the window
  11. Your Going to Hate This

    Nor I, strictly a window shopper
  12. Your Going to Hate This

    Guessed not, was just a little poke at Rolex ad's
  13. Your Going to Hate This

    Did they retain the warranty card for six months?
  14. Your Going to Hate This

    Don't like the sterile dial, should say "PARNIS" loud and proud
  15. Mafws Game

    SLOOP Silly llamas openly ogle penguins BLEEP

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