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  1. My first custom modded Seiko

    www.watch-parts-plaza.com - the webiste appears to be offline but they have an eBay store.
  2. My first custom modded Seiko

    I like the black one too, goes very well with the blue. However, the combination of this watch with either of the leather straps just doesn't sit well on my puny wrist. It looks too bulky. Sadly the jubilee is the one that works. I don't know why but I've never liked rubber straps.
  3. Hirsch buckle, feels cheap and nasty.

    I can understand your disappointment. I had a Hirsch Duke a while back and while the buckle wasn't as bad as yours, it wasn't that great either - especially considering the price of the strap.
  4. I sent an SKX007 off to a brilliant chap in Bristol a few weeks ago to be modded. I had the dial and bezel insert replaced to create the colour scheme that I wanted. I also replaced the seconds hand because I didn't like the stock one. I chose an original Seiko dial (SBDC003) and the seconds hand from the SBDC027. The bezel insert and chapter ring are from Yobokies and AJuiceT. There's an almost bewildering variety of modding parts available out there, from original Seiko parts to custom ones that are designed to mimic other watches (e.g. snowflake hands, coloured ceramic bezel inserts). Overall I'm very happy with the outcome. It's a great way to get the look you want and at a price that won't break the bank.
  5. Hirsch buckle, feels cheap and nasty.

    Well I wouldn't have needed to send it back if it wasn't such a rubbish strap. Judging by all the premium straps they sell I'd mistakenly assumed their nato straps would be high quality too. But you're right, I should have read the small print. I'm glad you've had such good service from them. I have bought other watch-related tools from them and had no complaints.
  6. Hirsch buckle, feels cheap and nasty.

    Sorry if I'm hijacking the thread, I have used WatchObsession a couple of times and one incident left a sour taste in my mouth. I ordered a generic £10 nato strap and when it arrived I was shocked to find that it was terrible quality. It was no better than the £2 straps you get on eBay. Anyway, I sent it back and instead of getting a full refund they deducted £2 for postage. That's never happened to me before and I wasn't too happy about it.
  7. Tuesday tickers 17.4.2018

    lume shot:
  8. Just arrived...'The Great Blue'.

    Ah, thanks for clearing that up, and it now sounds pretty much perfect! Yes the Italian one is a lot pricier than I would have liked, but then again this is a rather unique watch with very little chance of coming up for sale again in the near future. I'll mull over it for a while. Thanks again for the info.
  9. Just arrived...'The Great Blue'.

    Thanks Rog. That's a dainty watch then, and the 17mm links make it daintier still. I had my eye on the other one of these on sale from Italy but will have a think about the size. I'm fine with the 39mm by the way, a few of mine are 38mm, but the narrow bracelet gives me pause for thought. I recently acquired an Omega Speedmaster Date which is also a 39mm watch with bracelet that tapers from 18-16mm and I do find the links to be bordering on too narrow. Is the bracelet 17mm wide all the way or is it even narrower at the buckle?
  10. Just arrived...'The Great Blue'.

    Could you kindly tell me what the measurements are please? Specifically, case-size and lug-to-lug measurement (if you can call them lugs!). Thanks in advance. I have to say again, it's a stunning watch!
  11. Just arrived...'The Great Blue'.

    That's an awesome find. I have a weakness for 90s Seiko watches - so much nicer than the modern ones.
  12. Omega Speedmaster advice needed

    Thanks for the input everybody
  13. Omega Speedmaster advice needed

    Are you referring to the "Secure Location"?
  14. Omega Speedmaster advice needed

    Good advice, makes sense to stick with a watch trader. I am familiar with Watchfinder, I just want to avoid their (understandably) inflated prices. I'll look into Chrono24 as well.

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