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  1. Yellow alert

    I'm also leaning toward the one on the right. The bracelet has unfortunately got folded links (the one on the left has solid links). I could replace it with an solid oyster from WatchGecko but the problem with that is that the worn and weathered watch will contrast starkly against the shiny new bracelet. I suppose I'll just have to put up with the folded links.
  2. Yellow alert

    Due to poor impulse control, I've now ended up with 2 yellow-dialled Seiko chronographs. I'm going to flip one of them, just haven't decided which one yet. It all started when Roger the Dodger posted a picture of his yellow Seiko. Before then, I'd never considered yellow as an option, but that watched looked stunning and I went to eBay immediately! I'm not disappointed, both look great to me. Anybody else have any yellow watches?
  3. Pilots Bezel.

    My Seiko Flightmaster: I haven't a clue how it works, even though I'm old enough to have used log tables at school.
  4. Amazon Photos

    You should check out the pictures on creationwatches.com - everything looks hideous. Making nice watches look so consistently bad is quite an achievement I think. I've bought several watches from them and always had to google for better pictures before buying.
  5. Quartz Wednesday ~ 7th of February.

    This little beauty arrived today:
  6. Do you care?

    I'm not really bothered about movements. When I buy watches I don't really pay any attention to the blurb describing the movement. I do prefer automatics now and I would think twice before spending more than £250 on a quartz, but I do appreciate the accuracy of a quartz and the fact that I can just grab one and go without having to wind it and set the time.
  7. Cross Straight off the list.

    Hey, it's G-Shock I don't get. I love Tag and Omega!
  8. Cross Straight off the list.

    Invicta (I don't think that needs any explanation) G-Shock (I just don't get them) Parnis Any fashion brand, with the possible exception of Hugo Boss
  9. Thursday WRUW.

  10. Wednesday watches.

    That's a stunning Seiko!
  11. Tuesday Choice

  12. Marcello C

    Many thanks for the helpful replies! I did notice that Chronomaster are selling them for significantly less than the manufacturer's own site, and they also have one or two models that seem to be discontinued, and specifically the model that I'm interested in.
  13. Marcello C

    While looking at Steinhart watches on the Chronomaster site, I stumbled on this brand called Marcello C, which I'd never heard of before. I really like the look of their dive watch with the black dial and green bezel. Yes, it's £150 more than the Steinhart Ocean 39 green, but the dimensions suit me better - 1mm wider and 1mm thinner. That's almost the perfect size for me. The bigger Steinharts are a little too big. Does anybody know anything about this brand? Does anybody own one?
  14. Saturday Display~ 27th of January.

    I fancied something a little dressier today: Orient Star SAF02002B0 on a genuine alligator strap.
  15. New arrival on its way and clearing out

    Thanks, I'll keep an eye on the classifieds.

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