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  1. My understanding is that from the mid 90's when Silvermans took control of CWC, noticably more watches were produced for their stock with the pheon and NSN but not a serial number, or year of issue. However some of these were then diverted to a military contract and you can normally identify them, as they have etched rather than stamped serial numbers and dates. This happened in 94 and 96 with a couple of very small batches of GS Navigators, then in 97, 98 and 04 with standard G10's. More recently Silvermans does appear to be including a serial number and date even though the watch has not been supplied to the MOD. I have a Silvermans supplied 2001 Navigator with only the pheon and NSN, where as a GS2000 I also own does have a serial number and date. Although I don't know the history of the GS2000 before I aquired it last year, I'm sure by 2011 CWC had long stopped suppling these to the RAF. Ed
  2. Ed875

    CWC G10 1983

    Very pleased to hear you found a suitable CWC watch and I know what you mean re stopping somewhere; had quite a few G10's pass through the collection. Regards, Ed
  3. Ed875

    CWC G10 1983

    Would recommend contacting the Military Watch Trader who sells on ebay; bought from him myself and been very pleased with the watches I've received. Ed
  4. Ed875

    CWC G10 1983

    Value will depend on overall condition and on the service it was contracted to, particularly as in 1983 the RAF placed their only order for quartz CWC G10's. So if it has 6BB before the NSN then its rare and therefore has a higher value than an Army W10. Try googling CWC watch 1983 and you can pick up info on prices from any current or historic adds and sales. Also worth noting the offset hatch design introduced in 1983 continued into the first part of 84, so prices will be similar. Hope of help, Ed
  5. Noticed CWC are re-advertising the GS2000, no stock currently mind, just states they are looking to produce it again in the near future due to demand. https://www.cwcwatch.com/collections/m-o-d-spec/products/cwc-gs2000-issue-watch-w-date Ed
  6. Ed875

    CWC G10 1991

    Hi, trying to identify the highest serial numbers of the CWC G10 1991 issue watch. Have one which is 80074 and until yesterday it was the highest I was aware of. However I came across and old auction link with a 91 with the s/n 81443 (from memory). Does anyone know of higher s/n? Many thanks,
  7. Ed875

    G10 Serial Numbers

    Changed from trying flickr to photobucket, albeit the pictures have gone to a larger size following attachment. Ed.
  8. Ed875

    CWC watch repairs in while in MOD use

    Thanks for the reply Served in the forces for a number of years but some while ago now and I don't remember seeing anyone with a service issued watch, despite the number that appear to have been supplied to the MOD. I myself had a mechanical Sekonda for quite a while, which was quite ironic as it was made in the USSR. Ed.
  9. Just wondering what happened to issued G10's etc. which went faulty while with the MOD. Where they repaired or struck of charge? Ed.
  10. Ed875

    G10 Serial Numbers

    I would if I could but I cannot get photo attacking to work. Ed
  11. Ed875

    G10 Serial Numbers

    Recently bought a 1990 issued Navy watch as a gift for a relative and decided to get another for myself. However having been inspired by this old thread I've ended up getting two, both 95 RM. 0555/6645-99-5415317 0218/95 & 0318/95 Oh the Navy watch is; 56080/90 Ed.
  12. Ed875

    Mod Codes On Watches....

    Hi, new to the forum and owning military watches despite being in the services some years back. Fond this forum and this post while trying to understand the history of CWC and meaning of some of the numbers on the back of the watch; recognised the NSN obviously. Having trawled through many sale adds, it seems to me that the serial numbers were accumulative and irrespective of which service up to the issue in 95 of the 0555 RM procured G10's. The serial numbers on these watches started from 001 (I assume) and its stayed that way since, with a restart for each year of production. Have also seen advertised a CWC G10 with no year date and a serial number beginning with C, similar to a description in another post I've read on here. Seller suggested it was from 1999. The RN appears to have paid for at least 20,000 watches in 1990 going by the serial numbers I've seen, although the company web site indicates this happened in 91? That's a lot of watches and considering I cannot remember anyone having one while I was in, and I worked alongside all the other services at various times. Oh my first watch is a 0552 from 1990 S/N 56080 (however its a gift for a relative who does a lot of walking). Ed.

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