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  1. Nawrp

    Sindaco Chronograph

    Things went a bit pear shaped when i dismantled this watch. I've put it aside for repair when I'm retired. thanks for everyones input.
  2. Nawrp

    Photo Swiss Movement

    Hello everybody. Does anyone recognize this movement? Thanks
  3. Nawrp

    Sindaco Chronograph

    Hello, Thanks for the help Mel. I've got the bezel off without too much difficulty. I am now looking for a large syringe to blow the crystal off. Photos to follow. Cheers
  4. Nawrp

    Sindaco Chronograph

    Thanks for the input everyone. I've just sent a message to the seller to try and get some discount . I like the watch too and she was keeping good time though the chronogrpah was haywire and worked upside down so to speak. I'm relatively new to the watch scene and will follow Slims advice. Cheers
  5. Nawrp

    Camy Divers Watch

    I like it. Very stylish and a combination that I've never seen.
  6. Nawrp

    Sindaco Chronograph

    Hello, I recentl bought this chronograph. Unfortunately the second hand has gone awol. Does anyone know how to open up this watch? Cheers
  7. Nawrp

    Camy Divers Watch

    I'm a bit obsessed with Camy. This is an electronic model which I recently started up. I have a few different Camys which are all around the seventies I believe. Thanks for the interest.
  8. Nawrp

    Camy Divers Watch

    A New Old Stock Camy Divers Watch.
  9. Hello everyone. Here is the movement of a Camy Electronic I recently started up.
  10. Nawrp

    Camy Electronic

    Helllo everyone. This is my camy Electronic. She is running very well and keeping good time. CheersHello. Thanks for the advice. In fact I simply fitted a new battery and she is now running sweet as a nut. Cheers
  11. Hello everyone, this is a Camy Seven Seas Divers watch which will go down to 300m or 1000 thousand feet. I recently tested this on a little jaunt out in the bahamas
  12. Hello everyone. I recently aquired a Camy Electronic watch circa 70's . For some reason if I push against the winding button she'll start and then sometime later stop. Anyone has any idea what this might be? Cheers
  13. I'm off now fellow watch lovers.(non quartz). Ebay is going barmy in the army
  14. Hello my name is Sean. I took up interest in vintage non quartz watches recently. In fact I hate unneccessary technologly. Why complicate things when they work. I think we all know what I am talking about. I simply need the most cherished and rare Omega speedmaster . I do not care how much it costs. I want it at any price. Have a look at a very worn pair of ray bans at a seemingly ridiculess price. There will be no pressies for you or pay pal or ebay. A naughty little man somewhere is laughing his head watching numbers going higher and higher. I'm going now. Am I telling you a truth if I am telling a lie Ttfn Nawrp. Your personal deadly enemy. The misses is getting very anxious

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