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  1. @NickD Sorry, I didn't read it properly. I am absolutely stunned and will be getting back to them, These prices make my service charges look expensive! Did you get a Sapphire replacement or the original mineral with the blue AR Coating I wonder? All I can conclude it that since you have had yours done they have run out of or my emails hit the desk of someone having a bad day??? Oh well, it is done now and I am happy with the result. Many thanks for showing me that, I appreciate it. MB
  2. @NickD In your original post you say 142 Euros....your bill says 248. It does not include a Movement service but rather a Full service (small) of case and crystal and waterproofing hence new crown...still, not a bad price for the work. I wonder why I was quoted so much for for my crystal?
  3. Burty

    How Good Is Glycine?

    I am a big Glycine fan...a lot of watch for the money. They use modified and decorated ETA Calibers and decent materials. They are in the same sort of league as Fortis Watches but more affordable and IMHO much higher quality.
  4. My watch is the same watch so I do not understand how you managed to get it serviced and the crystal replaced for that money having spoken to them myself. If you could let me have a copy of your receipt I could get back to them and query the quote they sent me. @bry1975 Thanks, that is handy to know, they are just up the road from me! I have made some headway with DuPont and am awaiting a sample of their 60D Hytrel filament. My experiments with PLA under the microscope are looking good.
  5. @JonnyOldBoy You are absolutely right, there is a marginal difference in the height 0.2 or thereabouts, there may well be a little difference in the thickness but after polishing the old one so much I was unable to work it out. Interestingly the new crystal was exactly the same OD with the same +0.003 and was identically finished with polished chamfers. When seated the chamfer sits level with the top of the gasket perfectly....LUCKY! Invicta where very helpful and offered to send me the crystal for £190+P+P but they told me that Glycine had told them that they no longer stock the gasket and do not think they will make anymore. This has always been my experience of smaller brands, they make certain numbers, support them for a while and then thats that!
  6. I would be happy to replace/upgrade crystals and I highly recommend the AR coating which I can get done quickly and at a great price...please get in contact! I have also just discovered that DuPont make a Hytrel 3D printing filament with a Shore Hardness of 60D....not quite the 72D that a Swiss manufacturer recommends but it would be worth trying and would probably mean printing gaskets a few microns thicker. I am also thinking about making a Tampon Dial printer as I have recently completed a Silversmithing course that included an introduction to etching. What I am finding is that all this stuff is relatively straight forward and there is more than enough information on the WWW to fill in the gaps. The problem is that the equipment is expensive witch makes tabling and experimenting difficult. The 3D printer has opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities
  7. @WRENCH Hi Wrench, after 10 years or so learning how to repair watches (in-between bringing up kids and running other businesses) I have accumulated quite a bit of kit. I had an idea that I could make watches and I invested in Sherline CNC Mill and Lathe...but I really struggled with the 3D and was running before I could walk. I sold it all and I bought Watch Balance tools and a 3D printer. As the kids have grown older I have had more time to learn 3D design (TurboCad for Mac) and I have improved my watch repair skills. I can now service almost anything. The kit sits in my studio and I visit it as often as I can.
  8. @gimli You can't find these gaskets at Cousins or anywhere else. It is in I-Ring for a 1.5/6mm crystal. 1.25mm High X 0.5mm thick. There for the actual size of the Glycine gasket is 37.3 X 36.3. The closest you can buy 'off the peg' is 37.3 X 36.5 which is a standard 0.4mm thickness. When fitting a crystal you need to find a gasket that is 0.1 or 0.2mm smaller than the crystal. If I had used the 'off the peg' gasket I would be relying on the 0.003 oversize in the crystal. It would have held...just but would probably fall out over time and it would certainly not be waterproof.
  9. Yes, when you think that for £650 Omega will refurbish your banged up watch and return it to you 'like new', £300+ for a crystal seems a little rich. What is interesting about this is that the gasket is bespoke. You cannot buy a .5mm I-ring. My research tells me that the ideal 'Shore Hardness' for gaskets is 72D which means they are almost certainly made from DuPont Hytrel 7246. If I could source the Hytrel pellets I could 3D print bespoke gaskets.
  10. The Glycine Incursore California 3901 is easily my most worn and favoured watch. The best thing about it is the dial and AR coated crystal. The worse thing about it is the crystal is mineral and the most easily scratched one I have ever known. I have scratched it and polished the scratches out so many times I guess I weakened it because one morning a crack appeared and spread like a windscreen chip. I contacted Glycine who told me to send it to INVICTA in Holland. I contacted INVICTA for a quote and was told the replacement crystal would be Sapphire but it would not be AR coated. The price £190 + £48 Handling + £??? Labour + Shipping......OUCH So I set about sourcing a new crystal. Not easy because it is a custom size. I managed to remove the old one without it breaking in two and spent a good hour measuring everything. Found an Optics company in China with the correct size Sapphire crystal. I had my doubts as it was only $22 including shipping, but it arrived and I noticed immediately that it felt far denser and more substantial than the old mineral. The next thing to do was to try and get the crystal AR coated. I fired off several mails to UK companies and was delighted to get a call from the MD of a company here in the UK who said he could do it. The price was so reasonable that I sent it off immediately. While the crystal was away I realised that my Bergeon 5500 set did not contain the right sizes to do a proper job. With all my measurements I decided to make a jig that was precise to limit the risk of crushing the sapphire. I have had a 3D printer for a while, I bought it to try and prototype watch designs but I have used it increasingly to make tools and jigs to do other jobs. You get a little shrinkage with 3D printing so a gasket on the base was necessary to grip the case perfectly. I used the original gasket as it was bespoke, 0.5mm thick I-Ring. I have a plan of how to print these in Hytrel in the future but it was in good condition and two weeks out of the watch it had relaxed back to its original dimensions. So the crystal came back a week later and I was very impressed. The MD confirmed it was very high quality sapphire because he had measured the refraction? So I put the watch back together having taken some time to clean the case and case back, new gaskets and silicone and the watch is done. I am only able to pressure test to 3 Bar with my Bergeon kit....but it held and is good enough for me. This did not cost anywhere near the price quoted...nothing like it!
  11. Does anyone know what happened to DC from DC watches in Exeter? I did some photographic work for him when I was at University there over 20 years ago and I understand he no longer runs the business. He got me into watches and watchmaking and I would like to get in contact again.
  12. Burty

    Bulova Crystal info needed

    Thanks, I did search through this lot but could only find the reference in a 1974 catalogue 124AY for this case number...no mention of dimensions, gilt or silver etc etc. I believe the watch to be an Ambassador but the reference for the Ambassador I have found GS PA467-27 states the size at 31.29 which is .2 bigger than my measurements and again, no mention of gilt or silver. Guess I will have to try the Sternkreuz AGTB wide tension option.
  13. Burty

    Bulova Crystal info needed

    Well, it falls in between Sternkreuz ATG and ATGB so I suppose I could take a punt on the latter and hope that the tension ring does not obscure the dial. Unfortunately the internet offers nothing else...but thanks anyway Bulova definitely use their own crystals, then and now
  14. I have a Gold Plated Bulova Caliber 11ANACD Circa 1970 Case reference 775-1 Serial Number 3-13077 NO. I am trying to source a new crystal. A possible reference I have been given is 124AY but can't confirm this. Can anyone tell me where to find Bulova information? Thanks
  15. Burty


    No problem Flycaster, I hope you can find the right crystal at an affordable price. Sapphire does scratch...not as easily as Mineral but it is easily done. I managed to scratch a sapphire crystal getting out of my car in a tight parking space...caught it on the wing mirror which must have had grit embedded in the paint!

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