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  1. Jameson

    Hello from a new member

    I plan on it indeed! already saving for my next target.
  2. Jameson

    Hello from a new member

    Thank you for your reply. I will certainly look at a vintage one day but as of now i need more knowledge so I know what I'm buying as going vintage could bite a newbie so to speak.
  3. Jameson

    Hello from a new member

    Hello all. I just joined your forum. I'm from the U.K and work for the British ARMY which I have done the last ten years. So with that having a good reliable time piece has always been a must. In the past I have always used G shocks. Untill last year I have found a new love for horology so to speak. So anologue watches are a must now. I'm an avid viewer of TGV and try to learn as much as I can on my journey. So far I only have two pieces that I love dearly. A Hamilton khaki field 44mm and a Tudor Gran Tour date. The Hamilton is my daily and the Tudor the latter. I aim to add to this with a new piece early next year and swaying to a datejust 36mm in stainless steel, blue sunburst dial with Roman numerals.. I look forward to gaining more wisdom for this forum to help me along. I plan on never flipping a watch I save my very hard earned pennies to enjoy my new hobby. I've attached pictures too.

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