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  1. Thank you for sharing your opinions with me. It is interesting to see your points of view. The idea of Nordgreen watch brand is to offer a minimalist design and also employ a responsible CSR strategy so that every timepiece will have its own story and contribute to some meaningful project. You are right that the watches look similar to DW but that´s the price for the minimalist design. Of course the company is still only at its beginnings, but right now we offer 3 models. Give us a chance and we will try not to disappoint you ;)
  2. Dear watch enthusiasts, let me introduce you to Nordgreen watches. These minimalist watches are designed by Jakob Wagner, a leading Danish designer. Nordgreen strives to be a responsible comapny therefore by purchasing each of the watches you will contribute to some meaningful project. However, they are still only in a pre-launch phase but I guess they will go on kickstarter soon. What do you think about this idea and design of the watches? Do you think it will have a chance to be successful while competing with Daniel Wellington and other well-known watch brands?

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