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  1. I started posting but noticed no action so I just observe now. My collection has matured so I really don't have any questions to ask. Some of my Collection: I will quite there. These forums cycle sometimes. They go dead and then come alive. It really depends.
  2. Bcasecollector

    Budget Thursday

  3. Bcasecollector

    Quartz Wednesday (Feb 21)

  4. Bcasecollector

    Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

  5. Bcasecollector

    Bulova SpaceView After Service

    Always nice to get a tuning fork running well. And they added a Hack feature to boot. Very handy item!!!
  6. Bcasecollector

    Best non watch purchases of the past 12 months

    Now that's what I need. Very Cool handy tool!!!!. Time to do some shopping!!!!
  7. Bcasecollector

    Tuesday wristwear

  8. Bcasecollector

    Amazon and Prime

    I have had Amazon Prime for several years now. Due to the location where I live, it sure comes in handy on 'many' purchases I otherwise couldn't get without a very 'long' drive. No complaints about Prime. Like many things in life. It just depends on what you intend to use it for. In 2016 & 2017 I bought 275 items, so it pays for itself and then some.
  9. Bcasecollector

    Your Favourite Bulova

    I am not a big fan of the new 'tribute' Bulovas but I own two. One Moonview and one Dave Scott Moonwatch. The rest of my Bulovas are old school. I don't have just one favorite.
  10. Bcasecollector

    Traveling abroad with watches

    Personally, I wouldn't take any of my treasured watches with me while traveling. I would probably wear one (maybe) but I certainly wouldn't bring a case of them. They aren't going anywhere and when I return home, I can enjoy them again. Less possible headaches, the better. IMHO.
  11. Bcasecollector

    Saturday watch parade

  12. Bcasecollector

    Friday 12.01.18 WRUW

  13. Bcasecollector

    GMT Watches.

    I have a couple.
  14. Bcasecollector

    Friday 5th January 2018

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