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  1. If you knew then...........

    That watch was my latest purchase. I wear it when others don't fit in for the days activities. But I mainly used it to set all my other watches. But I doubt I would have bought that watch first. It didn't exist at the time and the collection has 'evolved' over time. I don't consider that watch a part of my collection. Its more like an collection ''Aid".
  2. An update...and thanks to all.

    Sounds like you are making progress Rog. I feel your pain. I have had foot issues since I was born and over the years it has gotten worse. My current diagnosis is I have Stage 4 PTTD on both feet. Very painful and not much I can do with complete reconstructive foot surgery. Because I have lived with varying amounts of pain for 45+ years I have learned to deal with it better then some that had it come on all at once. I take one day at a time and am as careful as possible taking care of my feet. I have custom shoe orthotics for longer walks, custom calf length rigid foot braces (both feet) that go in my shoes and I also have to wear an inflatable foot to knee brace when the pain really gets bad. Hope you can keep again of the issues. regards chris Inflatable foot brace.
  3. TUESDAY'S tickers.

    Speedy Tuesday
  4. The Sunday Oldies Thread - Pre-1990!

    I think this fits pre 1990. The movement almost pre-dates 1900.
  5. Omega Sensor quartzs 1980 help

    Not sure of the actual issue but if it was me, I would eliminate the easiest troubleshooting issue and replace the battery. It may be more then that but you have to narrow down the possibilities. A new battery is a great start.
  6. Love or hate? F P Journe

    Sorry, not a fan.
  7. All the Accutrons

    These are just a few I have.
  8. Let’s Do CHUNKY

    Bulova Dave Scott Moon watch. I like the watch but don't wear it much. Weighs a ton (173.1 grams) and alot larger then I normally wear but keeps very accurate time.
  9. Monday Watch Show

  10. Sunday Seniors (pre-1990)

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