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  1. not with me now, unfortunately.
  2. Tourbillon watches

    still less liable than a quartz watch.
  3. how many is enogh

    there should be a room for 1 diver, I think.
  4. sometimes you should do something out of the usual.
  5. How does this look on me?

    It fit really nice.
  6. Ebay

    That's a good idea. But, how about a shortcut to "Wristwatches" page?
  7. It is really square, it should have had more natural rectangular shape.
  8. Timeless elegance

    Yes, square watches fit suits very well I think. Think of white shirt with JLC Reverso.
  9. Anyone able to identify this?

    It looks really classy without second hand.
  10. New Raketa copernicus

    Are they solid as old ones?
  11. Raketa nephrite

    Really nice one, Big Zero is a cult.

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