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  1. Lol. Well, there are worse ways to go. :-)
  2. MPH

    why are longines dropping

    Thanks. Ill have to give it a go! :-)
  3. MPH

    why are longines dropping

    Hi Were these bricks and mortar shops or online? I've never actually asked for a discount, but obviously I'm missing out! Doh.
  4. MPH

    Wood Tourbillon

    Fascinating! Thanks.
  5. Looks lovely! Want one. :-)
  6. I have an AS-D2 and I love it. It's famously divisive, you either love it or hate it!!! Because of this you can often find second hand ones for sale on the shaving forums, which isnt a bad option if you're not sure you'll like it. I'd definately try some different blades if I were you. You can buy tester packs with loads of different types. I love feather, Rapira and Astra Platinums best myself. I shave everyday, with 2 or 3 passes with a DE or SE. If I have an important day, where I REALLY don't want a cut, then I may choose a less sharp blade, but once your used to things cutting yourself badly will be rare.
  7. MPH

    Cost of Hobbies

    In short..... No. Lol.
  8. MPH

    new to the site

    Welcome along. I pretty new here too!
  9. MPH

    Trading Watches

    Hi, Yes, that's a good idea, but with eBay in particular there just doesn't seem to be anything you can do if they put in a claim against you as the seller. I've even read of some people who sent a rock back in the post rather than the item they bought and eBay still made the seller refund as it was "one person's word over another", and they seem to ALWAYS side with the buyer. Unfortunately people have realised the situation and can use it to their advantage. Thankfully forums like this exist to reaffirm your faith in people!!! I would just sell/trade on here rather than eBay, but often I just don't know how much an item should sell for. At least on an auction site it will find its own value...
  10. MPH

    Trading Watches

    I had joined this forum with the idea of trading, buying and selling as I have enjoyed regularly on the traditional shaving forums I frequent. However I had a bad experience on eBay very recently where I sold a perfectly good manual watch that I was quickly told wasn't keeping time. Although I'd tested the watch twice before sending it, I agreed to refund and when I received it back the crown was completely jammed and the watch had been clearly wound to the point of breaking. eBay couldn't care less, so I now have a destroyed watch, and the buyer got a full refund at my expense. Although this case was pretty clear, it has also made me think that there is always the "one in a million" chance that something could just go wrong regardless of how honest you are.... Either way it's very much knocked my confidence in trading/selling my watches again, which is a real shame. I suspect/hope any issues like this would be very rare on a forum like this, providing everyone involved was well known to the forum, but I guess sometimes unfortunate things can happen even to honest, well intentioned people.
  11. MPH

    Cost of Hobbies

    I've spent a fair bit (for me) on traditional shaving stuff over the years, but I sold lots and now only have 3 razors and 10 brushes. Luckily there's a good community around this subject, so you can generally sell on bits quite easily.
  12. MPH

    More Perfection

    Although I love a busier face too, such as carbon fibre, or skeleton face, of the watches I own there's something very satisfying about this Raymond Weil. Uncluttered, simple, elegant. What's not to love!!!
  13. MPH

    Dress Watches

    Please excuse the terrible photos. :-)
  14. MPH


    Ive had a husky 435 for 4 years or so and I get on with it very well. It starts when you want, and works well. I use it intensively for short periods, then maybe not for many months and it's always been reliable (so far). I had a Husqvarna 235 before that but totally destroyed it cutting down a tree that was too big for it. Really it's only intended for small jobs and cutting up firewood. I seem to recall the dealer I spoke to said something about the smaller Husqvarna saws being made by a different factory for Husqvarna so they weren't as good, but don't hold me to that.... I once had a Qualcast saw for a few months and to be honest I was reasonably impressed with it,but you definately got the impression it wasn't going to last like a Husqvarna so I sold it. @say you mention "it doesn't have to be new", but I'd be careful. These saws can be easily damaged by using the wrong oil ratios/old fuel/ too little chain oil etc so I would be very careful who you buy from.
  15. MPH

    Utterly trivial thread.

    As I pick them up for me!

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