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  1. A little advice.

    Thanks. I'll pop over and have a look! :-)
  2. Price and satisfaction.

    This put my perspective better than I could put it! :-) If I felt I got a good deal on a watch I'd be satisfied, but if I didn't feel the watch was good value I would always have some frustration towards it, no matter what it was.
  3. A little advice.

    Thank you. They are nice! I like them (all) but I think what I really like is the swivel lugs that are not on any of the Farers.... That I noticed anyway! :-) Nonetheless I now have another brand on my "want list"!!! Doh! :-) Thank you, I will take a look. I just watched the video.... I love the music!!!! Lol.
  4. Hello everyone, I joined the forum a little while ago and was hoping to pick your brains, as I suspect you all have more knowledge than I regarding watches. Basically, whilst browsing I came across the Longines 180th Anniversary watch and i really like it, but it is out of my price range. A picture is below. I know there is a similar Longines that is cheaper (below), but I don't like it as much as the first one. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any similar looking watches, at a lower price that I could have a look at? They don't have to be Longines, I just like the style of those pictured. Oh... I'm not opposed to second hand, but currently I am not looking for actual vintage watches. Just thought I'd ask!!! Thank you in advance! :-)
  5. I wouldn't say a bowl like mine was essential. I used a cereal bowl for quite some time, and although I think it takes a bit longer to lather up with a smooth ceramic bowl, it is perfectly useable. The most important thing is to get the water ratio correct. I start to lather with a brush that has been soaked, but most of the water shaken out (I.e. not overly wet). Then as the lather starts to build I'll add water a little at a time until I'm happy. If you add too much water too soon you're on a hiding to nothing and it will be very thin, airy lather that dissapears on your face before you can shave with it!!! Lol. To be honest it seemed to take me an age to get it right, but it's worth it in the end.
  6. Ultrasonic cleaners.

    I have a couple of ultrasonics for work, so are professional ones. It never fails to amaze me how much dirt they can shift! Unfortunately they are not much use on my watches, as I don't like bracelets, only straps, but if I had metal bracelets I think I'd be cleaning them regularly. Definately a useful bit of kit.
  7. Hi, to be honest I don't know, but I suspect that's right. Also... Scuttles were designed to fill with warm water to keep the lather warm, so maybe these holes help warm the soap??? Just a guess though.
  8. HUGE THANKS to @JayDeep

    Wowsers that's a beast! Great gesture. I hope you enjoy it.
  9. Not quite, but I'm one closer now!!! :-)
  10. ...... Something to look forward to! Lol.
  11. Monday's wrist wear.

    Quartz.... sorry.
  12. Thanks!!! :-) I'm nearly there.....
  13. Colourful watches

    Lol. Some things, you just can't "un-see".
  14. Colourful watches

    So you want colourful huh..... Ta-dah!!!! Mr Jones "Last laugh tattoo". I appreciate it's not to everyone's tastes! :-)

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