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  1. Whisky Bargains

    Surely you can't class yourself as a whisky drinker until you've had some Suntory Rolling Stones' 50th Anniversary Japanese Whisky -- a snip at a mere £19,750 https://www.harveynichols.com/brand/house-of-suntory/2374286-the-rolling-stones-50th-anniversary-single-malt-japanese-whisky/p2882731/
  2. Winter Tyres?

    I'm down south and even I was tempted with winter tyres during the last brace of years where we got some snow -- I even considered buying an old, banged up 4x4 to run a taxi service for the fam. Then it disappeared for a bunch of years, so doesn't seem worth the investment -- if we get a day or two in five years we're generally unlucky. I like the idea, just not the outlay. :D
  3. Christmas irritations

    My only real gripe is finding presents for the awkward peeps. It'd be much easier if they were all WIS.
  4. Watches in the Snow.

    Have you got a sign up (Warning! WIS lives here) or is there some sort of register I should submit myself to?
  5. Watches in the Snow.

    I'm just trying to imagine the conversation your neighbours had. Her: "What on Earth is the bloke next door is doing?" Him: "What do you mean?" Her: "He's out the garden in snow, taking photos." Him: "Of what?" Her: "Watches!"
  6. Watch Review Request

    Nope, just that quite a few of the channels I watch have done reviews for Vario lately
  7. Watch Review Request

    Does the brand start with a V by any chance?
  8. How would you describe this case?

    Cheers. I think barrel is right. It does have hidden lugs, but these appear on different case shapes and refers to their location rather than the overall design as far as I can see. Equally, barrel appears to be applied to a few different shapes (to my eyes), including some that should be classed as tonneau.
  9. I'm trying to work out how to describe this case (looking for strap ideas). Not really a cushion. Is a UFO a case type or just a watch, and is this one? Your thoughts?
  10. Wednesday Quartz~6th December.

    I get to play today. @themysterybidder already a conversation starter! @mach 0.0013137 I really like those Lacos
  11. Dress Watches

    Some beauties there, and I'm not talking about the trac'ers either.
  12. Nuts about this watch...

    Y'know what, I knew that subject line was a dreadful pun, but I still couldn't stop myself clicking.
  13. An interesting article

    Very interesting. More so given recent new about Fortis. You wonder if one of these groups will swoop in or, as @WRENCH suggests, if Chinese money will look to acquire.
  14. best carbon watches

    For that sort of money why would you buy the watch? You could save money by employing someone to follow you around who you can ask the time of whenever you want -- and if the point is showing off, what works better: a watch or having someone whose sole job is telling you the time?
  15. The Saturday display thread~2nd December.

    Or perhaps @WRENCH is James May? This arrived earlier in the week, for a steal from a well-known auction site:

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