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  1. Photo Swiss Movement

    This eBay listing states an ETA 2980 (which doesn't exist) - and it's only 17 jewels https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Vintage-CAMY-GENEVE-SUPER-AUTOMATIC-PICCADILLY-Swiss-Made-Mens-Watch-/292298782793?rmvSB=true It's signed CAMY though. This post suggests an AS 2066, which is 25 jewels but doesn't seem to match visually http://kedidipasir.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/camy-piccadillyrm180-only.html Probably going to need a closer inspection of the movement -- it should have a maker's mark on it somewhere.
  2. Saturday 21st watches

    Some new straps arrived yesterday so have opted for the white today
  3. Aurora Crystal Watch

    OMG, that is hideous.
  4. How do you find the time?

    I use the position of the sun. Oh, hang on, I live in the UK and we don't have any sun... er, my phone.
  5. Photo Swiss Movement

    A 2472 looks a possibility http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&0&2uswk&ETA_2472
  6. Ways of Annoying the Wife.

    After many years of marriage, my dad declared that "a man's place is in the wrong."
  7. No automatics allowed 19.10.17

    How does a watch get knee trouble?
  8. How can 30m be acceptable anymore

    Water resistance specs are a bit of a sore topic for me. They don't make any sense. 30m should mean you're safe even in a pretty deep pool, when in reality the spec states splash/rain resistant and not even showering. Hell the PADI open water rating is only 20m! In theory these things should be dive rated. 50m should mean anything short of SCUBA is safe, which is pretty close to the spec, except it also rules out snorkeling -- anyone reaching that depth on lung power is doing well! 100m should mean fine for diving unless you're a pro, but the spec states not for diving. No one but absolute specialists need anything over 200m -- and they all use dive computers -- so stop f-ing selling them! An interesting article on the subject https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/seven-dive-watch-myths-deep-sixed
  9. Wednesday Quartz ~ 18th October 2017.

    Nice to see a few Pulsars, one of those brands that gets overlooked
  10. Good looking G-Shocks

    Looked at the outlet site, top end was £440 down from £880 (for a G-shock!) -- for that money I'd expect one of these to allow me to land rockets on remote!
  11. Cutting back on the number of watches?

    Just checking you're aware this isn't a competition
  12. Fair points from both of you. I was keeping costs down, as it may have been (and may still be) my only attempt at a 'service.' The thinking was to buy the minimum I needed at the lowest price and then add/upgrade should I revisit. Specialist watch oils are relatively expensive (per ml), but you use a tiny amount. Things like the screwdrivers have replaceable tips so I figured I'd buy better quality inserts when they wear. My posts were purely designed to show what can be achieved with a minimal toolset and almost no clue, for those others tempted to tinker. Don't 'have a play' on your prized possessions though! :D
  13. TIMEX Owners Association

    Not a great shot but I had to post this -- self-serviced back to running order:
  14. An update. I got the seconds hand back on, avoided the clash with the minute hand; partly by pressing the latter a bit lower, partly by seating the former a bit higher. All seemed to be going well. Put it back in the case, all running fine. Went to adjust the time and the crown and stem came off in my hand. Flipping it over I also found the seconds hand had fallen off. After some muttered swear words and a break, I went back at it. Got hands on perfect again, slotted it back into the case and made sure to tighten the stem properly this time. A quick hour-long test suggested it was keeping good time. I fitted a strap, wound it and ran it overnight (day and date changed perfectly) and through today. The hands all survived a rigourous shake while washing off my own hands, so don't seem likely to drop off at will. Bearing in mind it was running 10 minutes per hour fast originally, it's now keeping good time. I doubt we're talking COSC spec, but certainly within a couple of minutes per day. I would call that a resounding success. A quick snap, needs a better strap, although this has a rather unhelpful lug width of 17mm: For those interested: Equipment costs Screwdrivers - £3.59 (eBay) Tweezers - £2.99 (eBay) Oiler pen (with oil) - £4.95 (Amazon) IPA (250ml) - £3.99 (Amazon) Lighter fluid (100ml) - £1.20 (I think, Asda) Another piece of equipment I would say that worth the investment (and which I lacked) was a movement holder. Hopefully that'll help the next amateur thinking of trying their luck.
  15. Masonic Hamilton

    Checking eBay's sold listings suggests they're not worth a whole lot, say £50-£200. I imagine it's just a market Hamilton had the contacts to exploit and used regular models with swapped out the dials.

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