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  1. Traditional shaving

    Have you thought about swapping it for this technique on cold winter mornings?
  2. why some CAN afford that luxury watch....

    I assumed you were on the loo as a result of the takeaway. You know it's a good curry if you have to store your toilet rolls in the fridge before use.
  3. That is a hell of an interior.
  4. Saturday Watch Parade 03.02.18

    I've been surprised no brand has upgraded ordinary digital watches to use a decent OLED screen, seems to be left to the smartwatches to lead the way.
  5. Saturday Watch Parade 03.02.18

    Nowt wrong with a good tool watch. Nice screen. What is it?
  6. Apparently a non-runner or I'd be tempted to buy all four just to get it. Love the dial and the slim case. Doesn't look like the typical Avia Swissonics or have the dual 'crowns' of the rechargeable Landeron-based models Paul has on his site. So, anyone know what it is?
  7. Traditional shaving

    Another convert, welcome to the fold. You will soon be turned into an acolyte for the DE cause. :D
  8. Long term investment

    Sieko, Hamilton, Longines and Tissot, to name a few, have some new watches in the price bracket you mention. More if you're willing to go pre-owned. For handing down to the next generation mechanical is the way to go, something with an ETA movement would be perfect. With quartz (including kinetic) there's a risk of the electronics going and no-one can fix that. With mechanical a watchmaker can replace any of the parts that fail -- although you probably won't need to.
  9. Some people are weird. Be boring if we were all the same, mind.
  10. Build Your Own Watch

    I contemplated building my own small dress watch as few companies offer anything in the 34-36mm range. Seemed like a bit too much hassle though!
  11. I have wondered why no one makes wooden versions, as there'd be no risk of scratching anything then.
  12. Traditional shaving

    As with anything, price is rarely an indicator of quality. There's some mediocre products that are expensive and some cheap ones that are amazing. Price does tend to get you better quality fragrances if I'm honest (and that's your thing). At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, have a peruse of my thoughts: http://shave.consumeandreview.co.uk Hard to generalise, but the established names (Proraso, Arko, Cella, the three Ts (TOBS, T&H, Trumpers), Mitchell's Wool Fat, Tabac, etc) tend to be safe bets (they haven't survived this long without being good at what they do). Don't leave out the artisans though (a few here in the UK, such as Wickham). For blades, the Japanese generally get the nod for sharpest, the Russian-made blades (including most Gillette) tend to be solid, whereas the smaller nations do well on budget. A phrase you'll see throughout the shave community is YMMV - your mileage may vary!
  13. Traditional shaving

    Be warned: you'll get addicted to the good stuff. :D
  14. Traditional shaving

    I need to shave every day, but I do reviews on shave products so for consistency I shave with one razor and blade combo for four days. I used to use my electric on the other three (in between wet shaves), but loath it so much I use a different razor on day five -- and I'd happily swap the other two, but... consistency. Today is an electric shave day and my face feels like sandpaper -- can't wait to be smooth again tomorrow. On the other hand, my brother wet shaves once a week and uses an electric to keep it in order the rest. You can always do a halfway house with a multi-blade, soap and brush if you're pressed for time (or try a brushless cream with the DE). Blades do differ and some razor/blade combos seem to work better than others, or suit your style more. I have come to appreciate the duller blades, not because I get nicked a lot but because I tend to do a few passes and I can get irritation if I'm not paying attention. Some will slice through stubble with ease, others seem to grate regardless. They're cheap enough you can take a few for a spin without breaking the bank. I picked up 50 SuperMax Stainless blades off eBay for £3 (delivered) recently. Not a top-drawer blade, but solid enough. That's a year's supply of blades for less than a third of a Gillette Fusion 4-pack.

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