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  1. Quite interesting reading the history. I didn't realise Union had such close ties with GO, both owned by Swatch. They were only created in 96/7 after reunification (same with Lange), when a former East German watch making conglomerate was privatised, then split. Technically, Union went out of business in 1926, so claiming heritage back to 1893 is a little fib.
  2. Nice. From a brand I don't know a lot about. Another member of the Swatch group.
  3. Maen (microbrand) are offering one via Kickstarter: And Zeppelin do one as well (on Amazon amongst others)
  4. And I thought the Lorus version (R2395KX9) was cheap (can be had for under £20).
  5. longplay

    Footballers and AP-Royal Oaks...

    Not all the Saints boys are that crass, Ryan Betrand sports a Datejust (on occassion anyway).
  6. longplay

    Footballers and AP-Royal Oaks...

    You sure they were APs? Most of the footballers I've seen snaps of prefer ghastly Hublots instead.
  7. longplay

    Orient M Force anyone got one

    Beast is the right description. Is the depth rating measured in miles?
  8. Not an homage as such, but the similarity is where is gets its nickname -- Casio Royale -- in reference to the Bond film with a similar title, i.e. vaguely resembles a Bond watch, Casio is close to Casino, bingo.
  9. longplay

    "I've fallen and I can't get up"

    I assume it's a dive watch and designed to save you the hassle of a weight belt. The added benefit being you just remove it and leave it at the bottom when you wish to surface.
  10. Is more really more? Dial diameter of 50mm! https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Oulm-1349-Men-s-Dual-Movement-Sports-military-Watch-with-Compass-Thermometer-decoration-leather-strap-quartz/32617112600.html
  11. Using @AVO as a recent example of someone changing their mind about a watch -- something I'm sure many of us have done, both while browsing online and seeing something in person -- and it got me thinking about an ideal service. It would be very handy to be able to rent a watch so you could wear it for a week or two, to try it out. Similar to how you can test drive a car, or rent a luxury one. There seem to be a couple of US options doing it for watches. None in the UK that I could see (with a quick Google search). Another idea is to have a pool that people pay into, buy a watch, then ship it between them so everyone can wear it for a while (with perhaps the option for someone to buy it or to sell it and re-use the funds). The logistics of either isn't easy (unless you trust all involved), but would be a good way to experience watches before making a longer-term commitment, or to try some watches you'd never normally look at and broaden your horizons. Search suggests this has come up before, although there didn't seem to be a whole lot of interest. Maybe I need to start a YT channel and covince my local ADs to lend me them instead... Any of the watch groups (like Redbar) meet up outside London and offer something like this?
  12. longplay

    On the horizon.

    It rotates with the seconds, one of their trademarks I believe.
  13. longplay

    On the horizon.

    Agree on that, I saw their 45mm in a store recently and it looked more like a desk clock than something you should strap to your wrist.
  14. longplay

    Omega Seamaster 300M size comparison

    I tried a Longines Conquest VHP in 41mm, and there were 43mm (I assume) Conquests in the case -- they looked gargantuan. Obviously very different price points, but this felt light (possibly due to it being quartz) and tinny after the Seamaster.
  15. longplay

    Grand Seiko vs Rolex

    True (on the prices). They need to find a balance. Although the article I saw suggested they may abandon the lower end to their Lorus and Pulsar marks. That's kinda the point on the other. If they want to be a contender against the Swiss they need to convince those who would buy Omegas to consider them. @richy176 very true. They existing Seiko dealer base may help, but they seem set on more boutiques of their own.

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