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  1. Song Titles Game

    Rain - Ken Hensley version
  2. Please, No! Not already....

  3. At a guess, I would think they operate a similar system to the Seiko Kinetic watches, whereby a mechanical rotor charges a capacitor or battery - in your case enough for 30 hours when fully charged.
  4. Song Titles Game

    Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden
  5. Song Titles Game

    Cry For You - Magnum
  6. Song Titles Game

    Getting In Tune - The Who
  7. Song Titles Game

    Pied Piper - Jethro Tull
  8. Song Titles Game

    Velvet Eyes of Dawn - Edenbridge
  9. Song Titles Game

    Down in the Dark - Avantasia
  10. Song Titles Game

    Still Got The Blues - Gary Moore
  11. Song Titles Game

    Hot Night in a Cold Town - Uriah Heep
  12. Song Titles Game

    Gone Again - Bear McCreary (Soundtrack from SciFi show Defiance.)
  13. Song Titles Game

    Long Gone Midnight - John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers
  14. Song Titles Game

    Big City Girls - Blues Traveler
  15. Song Titles Game

    Dirt in a Hole - Robert Plant

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