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  1. Thursday timepieces.

    I do like a bluey now and again:
  2. Wednesday Quartz~18 April.

    Cheeky, cheap and cheerful Casio:
  3. New hobby?

    If you have to sell to try something new then it wasn't a hobby in the first place - twas merely a passing fad!
  4. Stolen.....

    From Beamish Museum this week: Posted on Facebook tonight by Dianne Elizabeth Snowdon, Sunderland Cllr. A Gold Pocket Watch awarded to Thomas Garnham , for Willington; served in 8th DLI pre-war; awarded for best shot in 8th DLI 1913; went to France on 20th May 1915, captured on 26th May; spent three years digging coal for Germany; came home weighing 7 stone; watch on display at various Wessington U3A events since 2011. Please spread the word and be on the lookout.
  5. Tuesday tickers 17.4.2018

    A member of my staff bought me this as a thank you for helping her appeal a pile of private parking tickets. It's nice to be appreciated now and again!
  6. Happy Monday watches

    Phoibos Reef Master PY015C DLC 300M
  7. Sunday Newbies~Post 1990.

  8. Benson Grandfather Clock

    Neat collection. Is the round clock a Fusee? I do like carriage clocks but I only have the one, a brass filigree banded Couaillet Freres from about 1900. Keeps lovely time - just wish I had the carrying case.
  9. Benson Grandfather Clock

    I just did a quick inspection, clean and oil on the longcase and it needed new gut and weight hooks - massive cast iron weights! It runs like a dream now, and surprisingly accurate! I love clocks: longcase, wall and mantle. I'm working on a Victorian Vienna twin weighter at present. It's missing its pediment and finials but I've sourced a suitable repalcement pediment from a Polish guy on Ebay who makes them. There is an ornament missing top right so I've used one of those silicone cake mould kits to take a cast and make a copy in plaster - stained up you wouldn't know it's not original.
  10. s-l1600o.jpg

  11. 13.jpg

  12. Benson Grandfather Clock

    Beautiful - one wonders what sort of a journey it has been on to reach France from London. I have a Victorian longcase that has spent most of its life in Wales until I brought it home to Lancashire. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a maker. UV examination of the dial has revealed nothing either: The brass plaque reads: Presented to Miss M A Hughes by the members of Llangorwen Church on the occasion of her marriage. In recognition of her faithful service in presiding at the harmonium for the last 15 years. June 1892. I wrote to the incumbant vicar of the church and gained enough information to plot the young ladies family history - unfortunately, her 2 sons died unmarried and childless.

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