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  1. MyrridinEmrys

    Muppet Question wrt Use and Accuracy

    Apart from the above wisdom and sound advice there is a further possible explanation: you've started to adjust your watches whilst you're asleep. This, of course, is a sure sign that you're well on the way to becoming a super WISer.
  2. MyrridinEmrys

    Monday's selection.

    A word last uttered on Wednesday, Febuary 3rd, 1897 at 2:30 pm in Grimsby Town Hall by the Chairman of the sub-commitee responsible for the planning of the forthcoming Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria.
  3. MyrridinEmrys

    Monday's selection.

    Nothing wrong with having good taste and an eye for perfection!
  4. MyrridinEmrys

    Monday's selection.

    There was a time it was unique on the forum and then TEG62x decided it needed a sibling!
  5. MyrridinEmrys

    Monday's selection.

    Lot of Longines today - may as well chip in!
  6. MyrridinEmrys

    Ladies pendant watch on ribbon.

    A plain face but with a nice intact silver chatelaine chain:
  7. MyrridinEmrys

    Smoking To Vaping?

    What juice are you using? I've been buying from here: https://www.rainbowvapes.co.uk Price and quality is brilliant: £35 for 5x60ml with free P&P
  8. MyrridinEmrys

    Smoking To Vaping?

    You could always go down the integral battery route: Kanger IKEN With your newly honed soldering skills it should be possible to swap out the internal battery for a fresh one when the time comes.
  9. MyrridinEmrys

    Smoking To Vaping?

    You can use the 3000 in your device or go to 3500 if you wish - just means longer between charges.
  10. MyrridinEmrys

    Smoking To Vaping?

    I've always gone for efest. Just bought 6 of these as my mod takes 3 at a time: Battery
  11. MyrridinEmrys

    Moon Phases watches - Cheap Seat Query

    I have the Sekonda Moonphase quartz. Bottom end of the price range at £35 but a wearable everyday watch: Sekonda Moonphase
  12. MyrridinEmrys

    Significant Saturday 9th June

    Today I'm wearing a rather fetching grey faced Seiko Auto that complements the whiskers on my chin!

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