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  1. Blimey! I think I'd start putting a bit of brass aside for a second-hand liver
  2. Wednesday Warriors....

    Let's see your Military themed hardware.
  3. Bizzare IWC chrono fault

    I believe this condition is known as 'rapping' - not to be confused with that awful row considered music by some.
  4. Tuesday timepieces

    I have 2 Sea Grounds and find them excellent value for very little money. Sturdy and well put together with solid end links on the strap - weight just right - time-keeping on my 2 are good as the Seiko, Calibre NH35 (hacking) is a reliable workhorse.
  5. Tuesday timepieces

    Gigandet Sea Ground with green bezel:
  6. 1953 solid gold watch wanted

    1953 Omega SeaMaster Gold capped 14K - £965: http://www.vintage-watches-collection.com/watch/omega-watch/omega-seamaster-gold-capped-bumper-1953/
  7. 1953 solid gold watch wanted

    What's your budget? This chap has a 1953 Omega 18K a little cheaper at £1075: http://www.kdclocks.co.uk/Watches.htm Scroll down to No 26. Prob be able to knock him down a bit on price.
  8. The Postman

    Go and have a shower - that usually gees em up! :-)
  9. Blue Monday 19-02-2018

    Monday bluey:
  10. 1953 solid gold watch wanted

  11. Seiko NH35

    Gigandet Sea Ground G2-012.
  12. Both ankle Sunday

    What's next: Willy Wednesday, Todger Thursday?
  13. Classic British comedy films.

    A favourite film of mine as a kid was 'The Mouse That Roared' with Peter sellers playing 3 roles.
  14. Young Watch Sunday.

    El cheapo this morning: Corgeut auto.

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