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  1. Hi! New member

    Nice one. I did it the other way around. Had the motor bike first. Sold it when my son was born. If I'm honest I was a fair weather rider anyway and by the time I sold it I think it had pi55ed down for three summers running. I was sick of getting my leathers soaked through to the skin and the blue dye took about a week to come off leaving me looking and feeling like a fat smurf. The watch collecting started several years after that. Like I said previously if you decide to go for the Oris make sure you haggle, i'm sure you will get something off.
  2. Alignment help

    I agree with Chromejob. I have a couple my self. I think if you look at them hard enough under a high magnification for long enough you will think you are finding things which are probably the norm. I have a couple of Seiko's a SUN065P1 and an SRPB11J1. I would have said they look no different to yours. There was a fair bit of press about the 1200 O'clock index pips not aligning properly, yours look fine and mine are good as well. I honestly would not be worrying about it. This one is next on my Seiko hit list......If I can find one.
  3. Hi! New member

    I also have a bad feeling I wont stop at just 3 watches. I said the same thing about 5 or 6 years ago and now I'm up to over thirty (much to the other half's annoyance). So you are probably correct if you have enough interest you will undoubtedly end up with more.
  4. Hi! New member

    Hello Sway. Welcome to the forum. I can vouch for the Oris Aquis as I have the Aquis small second, brilliant watch, quite a large and heavy watch, very well constructed the bracelet is heavy with no play in it. The lume is good and lasts for ages, time keeping on mine is within a few seconds a day, so pretty good really. I also have a Tudor black bay heritage S&G. Beautiful looking watch. Smaller and lighter than the Oris but it was about three times the price of the Oris. The other thing I would say is that you can haggle with the Oris prices, I got £250.00 off mine in Goldsmiths. There does not appear to be any movement on the Tudor prices at the moment. Which ever way you go, happy shopping. Regards, Paul.
  5. I totally understand what you are saying with regards to some of the ridiculously large watches. I prefer a larger watch simply because I have a large wrist and IMO smaller watches look a bit lost on my wrist especially those with narrow straps. So I usually go for sizes between 42 mm and 48 mm.
  6. Hi JonnyOldBoy. I'm the other way around. Started off with Casio G-Shock's, I've got loads. I still wear one for work (because of the nature of my job). I have since moved away (possibly only temporarily, who knows) to automatic's, kinetic's, eco-drives etc. Still like several of the G-shock's very much but I have not bought one for over 18 months, dare I say that there is even a few on my must have list, I felt at that time the prices were going a bit high. The 500 quid watches did exactly the same as the same as the one's nudging a 1000 quid at the time. Brilliant watches though. I still use one to check the accuracy of my other watches. Go on take the plunge, they start off cheap as chips depending on what you want. Regards, Paul. Blimey!.....you are getting on in years.
  7. Show us Your Tools!

    One of these should do the job.
  8. Show us Your Tools!

    Why don't you sell your tools and get a "metric adjustable" and an "AF" adjustable.......sorted.
  9. Hi Roger the Dodger. Thanks for that. I going to do a bit of looking up on these watches. I've got a lot to get through with the Seiko's we spoke about earlier. Thanks. Paul. Hi. I've seen some of the land masters before. I personally prefer the earlier models which are still expensive if you can get one.
  10. Sorry I agree with KevG. His hand did not show clear downward pressure on the ball. Having said that, after the match Jonny Wilkinson said that he has seen less contact awarded as a try. But I still agree with KevG. It honestly would not bother me if Wales, Ireland or Scotland won it. What about "swords of a thousand men" - Ten Pole Tudor.
  11. Show us Your Tools!

    You just need a piece of wood on either jaw to protect the glass.
  12. That's a nice watch, and unusual too. I've never seen one like that before.
  13. Show us Your Tools!

    Nothing like a good hammer, pipe wrench and croppers for fixing watches with. A little bit cumbersome for re-assembly though.
  14. I've started to filter a few of my watches down to my son. He has quite a healthy little collection of his own going on (he is only 15). I feel he has enough of an interest to warrant giving them to him. He will end up with mine in the end anyway.

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