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  1. New to the forum

    Welcome. I hope you enjoy TWF. I'm still relatively new myself. The banter on here is good, the amount of knowledgeable individuals on here is outstanding. Regards, Paul.
  2. Problem with Casio radio controlled Watch

    Hi Polonut. Have you moved the watch at all, I'm thinking placed it in a draw or well out of the way of where the signal can get to it. That's really the only obvious thing that comes to mind. Here is a link to Casio and your model watch you might find it useful. http://mygshock.com/casio-manual/4723/ I have had a quick look and there is information on there about the radio controlled timekeeping. Good luck. Regards, Paul.
  3. Mafws Game

    CLOCK Can Liberals Order Chicken Korma WORLD is next.
  4. Song Titles Game

    Blood on the World's Hands - Iron Maiden.
  5. Black Friday Thread

    I've just had a look on that link. Depending on your taste there is some good deals to be had.
  6. Old Ring Box

    Hello Mickyh7. You have got me intrigued now. If you don't mind me asking whats the urgency. I will have a look through the other half jewellery stuff, she has lots of boxes. Regards, Paul.
  7. Hello from Yorkshire

    Welcome to TWF.
  8. What Are You Listening To

    Just listened to Motorhead covering Bowie's "Heroes" on YOU TUBE.
  9. Mafws Game

    SLATE Slow Lovers Attend Tantric Exhibition WATCH is next.
  10. moped gangs

    That is absolutely brilliant....toasted.
  11. moped gangs

    What was Richard Head in the peugeot doing, just waiting there holding the poor woman up.
  12. Heads up Invicta auto diver 59

    Great watches I have two grand diver which are a few mil bigger. Seiko NH35A. Personally I prefer plain black on silver but each two their own. I mentioned in an earlier post the time keeping on my two is excellent. Got both of mine from Amazon for less than £90.00 ea.
  13. I meant it a bit tongue in cheek actually but they are different and the originals are becoming difficult to get hold of.
  14. Have you got a Tokyo Flash watch. It's about the only thing you haven't mentioned in your above list. LOL.
  15. Most of my watches are between 40mm and 45mm (i'm not a football player) I would be inclined to agree with an earlier post. A watch with a very small bezel can look larger because of the larger glass. Personally I feel that i can not get away with a smaller watch. I have tried them on in the past and IMO they just look to small on my wrist.

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