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  1. Davey P for Emperor

    I'm guessing you've just narrowed the choice down to a simple two letter word with one syllable beginning with "N".
  2. If you knew then...........

    Hi chas g. Not sure what your taste is in watches but there does appear to have been an influx of manufacturers contributing the bronze watch scene. There are several out there that I have seen within the price range you mentioned and IMO are very nice. Good luck with your hunting. Regards, Paul.
  3. If you knew then...........

    Come on WRENCH. You can't say that then leave us hanging. That's what Davey P did with his TW Steel.
  4. If you knew then...........

    Hi RWP. I have exactly the same watch and a few other multiabnd 6 models. I also use these to regulate the rest of my watches. All of the multiband 6 models I have read exactly the the same to the second day in day out. Regards, Paul.
  5. Davey P for Emperor

    Do you mean....like a family room, or double room type of choice.?
  6. Stuck on one again.......

    Hi RWP. Yes at the moment iv'e been wearing my Citizen Altichron Pro a lot. I seem to go through phases with this watch don't wear it for a while then wear it loads for weeks on end.
  7. The sad passing of Mr Levity

    Emily, As a relatively new member I never knew Mr Levity personally. My condolences go out to you and your family, and his friends here on TWF.
  8. Song Titles Game

    Rock 'n' Roll Doctor - Black Sabbath.
  9. Mafws Game

    BORED Big Old Rhino Enters Debenhams. ELVES is next.
  10. Song Titles Game

    Sgt Rock (Is Going to Help Me) - XTC.
  11. Get it Off Your Chest.

    I have posted on TWF a couple of times that I have an eclectic watch collection consisting of watches from about 6 quid, through to one that was 1500 quid, and all sorts in between. I would be lying if I said I wasn't influenced by others who talk about watches and put pictures and information of the watches they like and purchase, it has helped me with decisions on purchases. However ultimately I buy a watch because I like it and I am not bothered what other people think of them. I like all of the watches I own and I don't see any of them as crap. I personally don't like Rolex, Omega and TAG to name but a few, but I wouldn't refer to them as crap, nor would I call anybody else's choice of watches crap.
  12. Watch re-finishing question.

    As a kid, I remember many a summers day polishing the chrome wheels an my Raleigh Chopper with Duraglit. Fond memories.
  13. Unboxing :)

    Thanks. I've seen bits and pieces of pictures in the past but not one like that. I noticed the word China and I thought it looked quite nice. Having read bits and pieces on TWF I put two and two together and hoped it would equate to four. Regards, Paul.
  14. Tell me if you've heard this one

    Nothing that springs to mind. I literally did stumble across them on Amazon whilst looking at other watches and they were in the other adds at the bottom of the page. Some of them just seemed a bit expensive and they are not really to my liking. To be honest since joining TWF iv'e heard of dozens of brands that would have probably never been on my radar. I did only hear of Memphis Belle earlier this year. Regards, Paul.
  15. Unboxing :)

    Is that a seagull movement.?

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