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  1. Song Titles Game

    (Two) 2 Minutes to Midnight - Iron Maiden.
  2. Song Titles Game

    Best thing in town - Green Day.
  3. Learning about Seiko's

    Hi Walter the Softy. The bezel on the Seiko 5 sports looks like it has some damage just above the three o'clock on the outside edge, it might just be the light. I prefer the colour of the top one, but prefer the style of the bottom one. Both nice watches. There is plenty on the internet about Seiko watch movements if you are interested in learning about them. I have a couple of Seiko's that i absolutely love. Back to you question, I guess it comes down to personal preference. Regards, Paul.
  4. I Give In

    Hi ab20000. I've just this minute been looking for this variant. I knew there was an auto and that it looked very similar. I also prefer the bracelet. Regards Paul.
  5. Watch specifications.

    Hi WRENCH. I think this is the same Casio model as one I have. If I remember correctly if you don't use it for a while it goes in to hibernation mode and corrects itself when moved or after being exposed to light. Quite a good feature on an inexpensive watch. Regards, Paul.
  6. I Give In

    I'm not big on chrono's but I do like this watch, very nice in my opinion.
  7. Song Titles Game

    Dope sick girl - Rancid.
  8. I need some answers.......

    People from Holland don't speak Holish either.
  9. I need some answers.......

    You bet they do......it's says it on the advert. If you asked my wife that question she would say "that it goes into those great big number elevens that you keep leaving all over the place" usually with her car.
  10. Top Trumps Car Game

    2017 Nissan GT-R. Power output - 565bhp New fact - torque:467 lb.ft.
  11. Song Titles Game

    In response to normdiaz. Sick boy - Slayer.
  12. Song Titles Game

    Testament - Man kills mankind. Apologies. Please ignore this one. Paul.
  13. Latest Arrival

    Thanks. Regards, Paul.
  14. Latest Arrival

    Cheers, thanks for that i'll look (Chronomaster) them up. Regards, Paul.
  15. Latest Arrival

    Hi mach 0.0013137. That is a lovely watch. I have been looking at these my self very recently contemplating a purchase. I like most of the divers models particularly the Ocean Forty-Four GMT BLACK, and the Ocean 1 vintage Dual Time Premium. Can I ask, did you purchase yours direct from Steinhart, if you did, what was the transaction like. Regards, Paul.

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