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  1. I have just taken delivery. Dial is very nice. Has a period? strap. But not original. What straps were they supplied with? I have seen stainless bands with stepped in ends to make them look wider?
  2. Tissot Bumper Advice

    Worth more than £8.00 then?
  3. Tissot Bumper Advice

    Melton (Pork Pie) Mowbray. Right on your door step by the look of it! In a box of other cheap watches. He wanted a Tenner, but you have to barter dont you! I forgot my specs, so couldnt read dial. Fortunately Tissot was written on the back in quite large script! Needs a service, bumper almost seized, but movement looks pretty good? Crown I assume is not original? Where locally to service Tourbillon? (SE Leics) Simple black strap?
  4. Tissot Bumper Advice

    First Post first bargain! Tissot Bumper Automatic. £8.00 on the Market this morning. What are my Dial options?

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