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  1. Lanco Fon

    Thanks, but I tried tightening it. Does not help!
  2. Lanco Fon

    Have just come across a Lanco Fon watch. It winds both barrels (ran for about 12 hours). But I cant set the time or alarm time. The functions that it is supposed to do when you pull the stem out are non operational. The stem just comes straight out. Is this a big problem? Also I am assuming that the crystal has to come off before you can take movement out? To get to the keyless works.
  3. I have just taken delivery. Dial is very nice. Has a period? strap. But not original. What straps were they supplied with? I have seen stainless bands with stepped in ends to make them look wider?
  4. Tissot Bumper Advice

    Worth more than £8.00 then?
  5. Tissot Bumper Advice

    Melton (Pork Pie) Mowbray. Right on your door step by the look of it! In a box of other cheap watches. He wanted a Tenner, but you have to barter dont you! I forgot my specs, so couldnt read dial. Fortunately Tissot was written on the back in quite large script! Needs a service, bumper almost seized, but movement looks pretty good? Crown I assume is not original? Where locally to service Tourbillon? (SE Leics) Simple black strap?
  6. Tissot Bumper Advice

    First Post first bargain! Tissot Bumper Automatic. £8.00 on the Market this morning. What are my Dial options?

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