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    Thanks! Yeah maybe that's what they were going for, German efficiency and all. Does it look as bulky? I had the Deep Blue Depthmaster which clocked in at 19.5mm, but that didn't look or wear as tall as the Apollon.
  2. Cstokes23


    It is tall coming in at 17mm, I don’t think the straight edges help it look ‘slimmer’. I wouldn’t hesitate getting another Steinhart based on the quality of this one though.
  3. Cstokes23


    Thanks for the tip! This is my latest acquisition; I was looking at Steinhart for a while based on what I had read online, so I eventually pulled the tigger on the Apollon when a second hand one popped up for sale.
  4. Cstokes23


    Hi all, I have been a general lurker on this and a few other watch forums for the last year or so and I have decided it's finally time to dive in and get involved! I have only really dealt with watches up to the £500~ mark, divers in particular, but I fear my bank balance may soon be harder it. I look forward to participating and I'm sure picking your brains from time to time. Cheers, Chris

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