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  1. Cnjm1

    Jaeger LeCoutre Find

    really nice find
  2. I agree, unless you are the size of Arnie
  3. Cnjm1

    Cake and champers too...

    Seiko I find are a good solid brand. Showcased with there Grand Seiko range.
  4. Cnjm1


    welcome, i joined a week ago and found it to be a great forum.
  5. Cnjm1

    Do you Remember Your First Watch

    First watch I can really remember was a swatch, I repurchased the same model from eBay , must dig that out and give it a wear.
  6. Cnjm1

    Reliable Watchdealer

    This is really helpful, there are so many dealers that give poor service or knowingly sell shoddy products. There are also many who give really good service and are well worth paying the extra cost for the peace of mind and good after sales service. ITs good to have threads and recommendations that are impartial.
  7. Cnjm1

    Money no object.

    Have you never done it buying a TV/computer? Set a budget ,say £500, then looked at the next model up for only £50 more . For this you get a 55inch screen, but for another £50 on top off that is HD etc. Now you are looking at £600 TV, 20% more than you budgeted it for, but you have completely justified it. If you have £500 in your account and no line of credit then you literally cant afford the TV. If you have £1000, £500 was for a TV, £100 for eating out, £100 for holiday etc you could still purchase the TV but it comes at a cost to the other items you have budgeted. So in that sense you cant afford it without penalty.
  8. Cnjm1

    Money no object.

    for me its more what I am willing to spend on a watch. As a percentage of my money, I've justified (for whatever reason, rightly or wrongly) to budget 10k on a watch. i have a house, car , and money to spend month by month. I could not eat out or go on holiday for a year and find the extra money but you put a value on these things and take a position. Makes no difference if its 1k, 10k or 100k you divide how you spend your money up. As for money to burn, last watch I bought and sold i certainly didnt loose money. i don't buy a watch purely on residual value but its nice to know it holds and if i need the money i can always get it back. Its not burning money by any means.
  9. Cnjm1

    Money no object.

    I agree with you but years down the line often the SS ones have a higher value than PM. I could pick up a full set 16520 tomorrow TT for 9000 box and papers, inverted 6 but would have to double that SS.
  10. Cnjm1

    Got a soaking

    miss my road bike, especially with roads like that....even if its raining.
  11. really nice to see, great collection.
  12. Cnjm1

    Money no object.

    I would like to see how long that premium lasts, I saw one on watch finder for POA, apparently Offer above 20k like you say. Do you know what the supply compared with Daytona C is like? I was hoping to spend 10k on a Daytona but looks like I will have to go higher. spending 11 or 12 rather than 10k doesn't seem that bigger jump, but I have to keep reminding myself thats £2000 and is a lot of money.
  13. Cnjm1

    Restore or leave alone?

    agreed I think that dial should be left, the cost of a proper restoration would not be worth it IMHO.
  14. Cnjm1

    Forum and eBay. Sales

    There are some jokers on eBay. I saw what looked like a legit Daytona so messaged the seller. He could not string a sentence together and after a couple of simple questions it was clear something wasn't right. I don't think he had the watch. Always buy the seller IMHO.
  15. yeah I think 11 for no box and papers. I think that was sold, I'm keeping an eye on chrono24.

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