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  1. batt comparison chart
    Silver Hawk has a good battery reference guide here:
    Years ago I embarked on an even more comprehensive version using info from Griff , Silver Hawk and lots of battery manufacturers web sites.  I never quite got around to finishing it but you can have what I'd completed...e&oe 
    It's HERE

  2. caseback removal screwdown type
    You get what you pay for - who knew?!
    No problem mate   Just to clarify, in case I've not made it clear, this is the procedure I use:
    I carefully set up the 3 prongs on the tool to the notches on the case back Then I hold the tool in my right hand with the pins facing upwards I place the watch on top of the pins, making sure they are properly located into the cutouts of the case back Then I press down firmly on the crystal with my right thumb With my left hand, I turn the watch anti clockwise, while continuing to apply firm pressure with my right thumb (to stop the pins jumping out of the notches and scratching the case back).  This can be easier if the strap/bracelet is removed first, but is not essential. When the case back begins to turn easily, I tend to use the tool or my fingers to undo it the rest of the way I hope that helps anyway 

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