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  1. First post - 70s sports Rotary

    It's stopped ticking when i started the stop watch and starts ticking a little again when I shake it. I think a service is definitely required. Hoping it's not too expensive. Thanks for the recommendation. gazza
  2. Rotary watch hello all - first time poster. Loving the forum and the passion. when my father passed away several years ago, I inherited an old watch he found in the early 80s. I finally thought about getting a strap for it but beforehand I wound watch and checked time. It's staying around 2 minutes out a day. Never been serviced. Anyway, I got the new strap yesterday and today it stopped at full wind. After shaking it for 10 minutes, it gradually eased and is currently ticking and keeping time. I reckon a service and new glass is in order. Was thinking of sending to Rotary. I hope the link works. Thoughts?? cheers - gazza

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