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  1. PhilM

    Why no RLT watches for sale in web shop

    RLT Earlybird next, isn't that right Roy
  2. PhilM

    Cutting back on the number of watches?

    Yep been there too, had nearly 30 so sold a few of them and consolidated down to around 10. Then bought a watch box that held 8, with the aim to get down to 9, 8 in the box and 1 on the wrist, never managed it of course, and then the 10 crept up to 15 again. So tried to consolidate again, by selling 2-3 to then buy 1, in the end I gave up as it's will only drive you mad
  3. PhilM

    WRUW ** Tuesday** Oct 10,2017

    My new RLT Earlybird and on the other wrist, a battered old GMT II (Photo's on PB, and can't seem to post them)
  4. PhilM

    Friday 20th November

    This and have been for about 2 months
  5. PhilM


  6. PhilM

    Seiko And Rolex

    No conflict here, own both manufactures watches and happy to switch between them both without even thinking about it. They both make great watches IMO :)
  7. PhilM

    Sale Of The Watch Forum

    This really is good news Roy, I'm glad we finally have a plan :clap: Now we just need a new RLT, possibly an Earlybird :whistle: :D
  8. PhilM

    Forum Server

    Mary had a little lamb....
  9. PhilM

    Share Your Rolex

    Moved :D
  10. PhilM

    Rolex Modifications

    Would love to see some photos of your 5513 :yes:
  11. PhilM

    Rolex Modifications

    I very much doubt it will fit, as they are both very different calibre's so the date wheel would be different too.
  12. PhilM

    What Are You Eating?

    Is that what it said on the back of the packet :P
  13. PhilM

    What Are You Eating?

    Nice! No images of that needed :D
  14. PhilM

    Current Moderators Or Lack Of Them.

    Fair point Bond, and we have merged a few boards already over the last few years. Again were open to ideas, from all of our members
  15. PhilM

    Let's See Those... Rolexes!

    Stunning example, especially the patina of the dial! Case is in a lovely condition too :)

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