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  1. Anyone had experience of JOMASHOP

    I'm certainly no expert, but if the watch is expensive, I'd make sure they offer a world-wide manufacturer's warranty. They might be an authorized dealer for some brands, but not for others. If they offer their own warranty, service will probably be done in a questionable manner by a questionable technician. I'm basing this on what I have heard and read, not from experience.
  2. Smiths PRS-35 & PRS-38

    I think I might have to buy a PRS-38, and later, a PRS-35.
  3. Smiths PRS-35 & PRS-38

  4. Smiths PRS-35 & PRS-38

    Here's their address. What's the problem? 38 Swanbourne Road SHEFFIELD South Yorkshire S5 7TL United Kingdom
  5. Smiths PRS-35 & PRS-38

    Who has a Smiths PRS-35 or PRS-38? I really like both. What do you think of yours. Does anyone have photographs to share? I asked Eddie at Timefactors, but he said the only ones he has are posted on his website.
  6. I Want a Nice British Watch

    I like the PRS-35! So I guess Smiths and Roger W. Smith are different companies.
  7. I Want a Nice British Watch

    Thanks for the response.
  8. Lookit what I found

    WOW! I dream of finding something like that.
  9. Slava 2427

    I just ordered a 1980s Slava. I hope it lasts. The reason I bought it is because my grandmother's name was Slava. I think if it turns out to be no good, I'll see if I can replace the movement with an inexpensive quartz.
  10. Too busy for me.
  11. New arrival

    Timex is making some really nice-looking watches!
  12. I read a little about British watch-making history that I found quite interesting. Now I'd like to find a nice watch, especially one with "Made in England" on the dial. I know that probably sounds crazy. I'm not aware of many brands, only Bremont, Harold Pinchbeck, Christopher Ward, and Smith. I don't like large watches - 36 - 38mm for dress, no more than 40mm for chronograph or diver. I do like the look of traditional vintage dress watches. So, what is out there in the UK that's worth exploring?
  13. What is your next expensive purchase ??

    I want a 1950 Rolex Airking or Oyster Precision.
  14. Winding Watches

    Is it okay to let a watch (hand wound or auto) to run down and only wind it whenever you wear it?
  15. Vintage Omega Seamaster help


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