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  1. Slim Geezer


    Is this supposed to be helpful?
  2. Slim Geezer


    Does anyone know the lug-to-lug measurement of the Timex 41mm Fairfield? I'm afraid that a 41mm watch is really pushing the limit on my thin wrist. I could get the 37mm, but it is not available with the small second hand complication, which I really like.
  3. Slim Geezer


    It seems to work fine if I set it, back up and set it again. I don't wear it often, so I can't say how it works for long periods.
  4. Slim Geezer


    I'll try that. Since I set it 10 minutes fast, it has kept good time -- it remains 10 minutes fast. I think it's possessed.
  5. Slim Geezer


    Great idea! Why didn't I think of that? Actually, I just got the watch from a dealer in Ukraine who said it was just serviced. I thought about bringing it in to a shop here in town to have it looked at. The main reason I bought it is because my grandmother's name was Slava. I only paid about $90 for it. I'd hate to have to pay a lot to have it adjusted. At some point, I might have the movement replaced with a quartz.
  6. Slim Geezer


    No. Every time I reset it, it loses 10 minutes and then stays 10 minutes slow all day. It does not continue to lose time.
  7. Slim Geezer


    I have a Russian Slava I need to take in for service. But first I'd like to get a rough idea of what might be wrong. I wind it and set it, and within a day it is 10 minutes slow. I keep it wound and a couple days later it is still 10 minutes slow. It is consistently ten minutes slow after I reset it. So it seems to be keeping perfect time once it loses those 10 minutes. Does that make sense?
  8. Slim Geezer

    Cigars and Whisky

    I have a cigar question for you guys that might sound strange. I don't smoke, but I remember going to baseball games (White Sox) when I was a kid in the '50s. Back then, smoking in public was permitted. There was always someone in the stands smoking a cigar. I loved smelling them. To me, it's sort of like smelling burning leaves in autumn. Once in a while now, I'll pass someone with a cigar and remember those days. Anyway, (now the strange part) I thought about buying a cigar once in a while to burn on the back porch (like incense) while I sit reading and listening to music on a nice day. In your opinion, what are some brands (nothing too expensive) that smell the best?
  9. Slim Geezer

    Name That Strap

    I just bought a Montblanc 1924 75th Anniversary Reserve de Marche (LE). It's wearing a replacement strap. Does anyone know what the original strap would have been?
  10. Slim Geezer

    Anyone had experience of JOMASHOP

    I'm certainly no expert, but if the watch is expensive, I'd make sure they offer a world-wide manufacturer's warranty. They might be an authorized dealer for some brands, but not for others. If they offer their own warranty, service will probably be done in a questionable manner by a questionable technician. I'm basing this on what I have heard and read, not from experience.
  11. Slim Geezer

    Smiths PRS-35 & PRS-38

    I think I might have to buy a PRS-38, and later, a PRS-35.
  12. Slim Geezer

    Smiths PRS-35 & PRS-38

  13. Slim Geezer

    Smiths PRS-35 & PRS-38

    Here's their address. What's the problem? 38 Swanbourne Road SHEFFIELD South Yorkshire S5 7TL United Kingdom
  14. Slim Geezer

    Smiths PRS-35 & PRS-38

    Who has a Smiths PRS-35 or PRS-38? I really like both. What do you think of yours. Does anyone have photographs to share? I asked Eddie at Timefactors, but he said the only ones he has are posted on his website.
  15. Slim Geezer

    I Want a Nice British Watch

    I like the PRS-35! So I guess Smiths and Roger W. Smith are different companies.

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