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  1. Bill.kgr

    Review: Ochstin 6050G

    Guys, time for a little update I just received a 20mm Nato strap that I had ordered for the watch. I decided to go with a military theme so I got a a dark green colored one. Here are some photos of the strap: And that's the link to the product: 20mm Green Nato Strap
  2. Yesterday I got delivery of another budget watch from AliExpress. The price I paid for this one is $20 and I should say that this is by far my favorite watch...! Box The watch arrived in a very nice rectangular textured box. The box definitely adds to the value of the watch and enables to be a great gift. A brand tag, a warranty and the padding foam was what it was included in the box. Case I am a long time fan of big watches and this particular one is no exception. The case is metallic and has a glossy grey finish. The crown has a diamond cut pattern while the chronograph buttons require medium force and are quite tactile. Dial The 48mm width makes the watch seem extra big but I am totally into these kinds of watches. I have found the grey background with the yellow details to really match my preferences, but If I can recall correctly there are more color variations of the watch. Strap The watch comes with a 22mm leather strap. Surprissingly, the strap is thick and pretty hard, so it takes a week or so until it softens up. The strap matches very well with the watch and its one of the few times that I am not thinking about replacing with a NATO. Overall, I am really surprised by the appearance of the watch and it has become one of my favorites. Here is the link from the shop I purchased it from: MiniFocus MF0025G
  3. Bill.kgr

    Review: Ochstin 6050G

    Indeed there are multiple watches on this price category. The only thing that sought my attention to it is its non-regular appearance (maybe its due to the fonts being used?)
  4. Bill.kgr

    Review: Ochstin 6050G

    Hello Davey, I wish the product I was reviewing was my own product, but that's not the case. I can even send you a copy of the original AliExpress invoice if you don't believe me. I just happened to buy my first couple of watches out of china and thought I would just post a simple review of them.
  5. Bill.kgr

    Review: Ochstin 6050G

    What is this supposed to mean?
  6. The watch was purchased from AliExpress for $16.99, so as you can imagine my expectations were low. After receiving the watch and having used it for some time, it turns out that the watch is superb considering its aggressive pricing...! Case The diameter of the case is 41mm, while its thickens is 10mm. In my opinion, the dimensions are excellent for most people's wrists. The watch sits very comfortably on the wrist and should be a great daily beater. Material-wise, the case is made out of stainless steel and has a glossy black coating. Dial The watch's dial is probably the number one reason why I bought the watch. The black and white contrast enhanced by the red detailes make it look very appealing. As with the most chronograph watches, there is an 24-hour, a minute and a second dial. I found myself to really like the placing of the date display. Lastly, it is worth noting that all the big white elements of the dial are fluorescent. Strap The watch arrived with a black leather strap. Overall, the quality of the strap seems good and the stiching seems strong and well made. Its 20mm width feels great on the wrist. I believe that I will be replacing the strap with a nato one, just because I feel that it will match the character of the watch better. Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of the watch. If you want more info about the watch, here is the link that I used to purchase it: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Ochstin-Men-Watch-2016-Waterproof-Sports-Quartz-Watches-for-Men-Chronograph-Wristwatches-Male-Relogio-Auto-Date/32698706946.html

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