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  1. Dress watches?

    For me, it depends what is meant by "dress". With a suit, I'd wear any of my small collection except perhaps the Flieger and diver. With "black tie" on the other hand (and I like black tie) it would have to be: or Just personal standards!
  2. One Offs

    Depends whether you mean “never seen a photo on a forum of the same watch” or “never run into anyone wearing one”. If the latter, then and If the former, then only the AP. And, no, I don’t get out much!
  3. Valentine's day Quartz watches 14.02.2018

    Kitzbühel today, so, for obvious reasons, the bomb-proof beater.
  4. Wear your Time on your Sleeve

    They obviously don’t hack! My OCD tendencies would never let me wear them
  5. Amazon and Prime

    Must be blind. I have fallen into “Prime” membership, and enjoy the free quick delivery (I buy quite a lot — enough to keep Yodel in business). But I have never noticed it costing me any money. Perhaps it just pales into insignificance when set against Spotify (which I use a lot) and Sky (which I don’t, and really must get round to cancelling ). ”Alexa, are you worth the hype?”
  6. Ditto. I try to choose carefully, and to buy for love. I also try to make sure I have variety, and avoid the ubiquitous. So far it seems to have worked, as I have never felt the need to sell one.
  7. Nice hotel in Kitzbühel this evening, so wearing my favourite: (Not today’s pic, obviously) And, no, I don’t ski in it — that is what a beater is for
  8. Do you care?

    My five clockwork watches have five different movements -- which I value -- especially when they are visible (only the AP is not). "Manufacture" movements are a matter of snobbery and interest (guilty on both counts!). But, my cheapest -- the one with the 2824-2 top -- is the most accurate (though none is "bad"). GO Calibre 65-01 GO Calibre 36-01 GO Calibre 39-42 ETA 28243-2 "top"
  9. The Most Overpriced Watches.

    [Monty Python Yorkshire accent] Two shillings a week? Luxury! [/Monty Python Yorkshire accent]
  10. Monday Wrist Attire 05.02.18

    Chunky, robust, comfortable and pretty
  11. Top 5 most wanted?

    OK. Being a bit of a pervert, this is my list of as-yet-unowned desires: Wanted, but least so on this list Wanted, but not currently available And three fascinating "ugly ducklings" -- I have an unfortunate tendency to like things which are "different" and, not conforming at all to my usual preference for "less is more"
  12. Pick the One

    Quirky maybe, but:
  13. Would you, wouldn't you?

    I certainly agree that the OP appeared to write his post seeking reinforcement for the decision he wants to take (to make the change). However, I agree with @Davey P, the SMP is unlikely to be outshone in terms of the pleasure it can give (meaning that I also would stick). Why do we think the “mate in the pub” wants to exchange his Rolex for an Omega plus £3000?
  14. The Man in the Street

    The only watch in my small collection which most of my friends and acquaintances recognise by brand name is the one with the crown on the crown (and the face). And, through the power of marketing, they mostly assume it is my best/most-expensive/highest-quality/favourite piece. A couple also recognise Cartier. No-one has a clue that the others are not from Argos. Does it matter?
  15. Cross Straight off the list.

    Much of the Swatch group, Cartier and Casio

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