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  1. Watches in the Snow.

  2. Pilots don't use watches.

    Let’s face it, most tool watches have now been superceded by more modern technology — now providing back-up at best. This is certainly true of both “pilots” and “divers”. That does not stop those styles being attractive pieces of jewellery. I’m certainly delighted with mine despite no desire to drive an aeroplane or submerge myself in cold water! And, there has to be a delightful irony in being able to consider a watch as an anachronism
  3. Fussy Little Devil.

    After all -- "you only look after them for the following generations"!!
  4. Fussy Little Devil.

    Badly brought up
  5. Fussy Little Devil.

    So did my son -- also quite pleased in principle. But he was a little more specific . . . . . . . . His list contained the words: Tudor Heritage Black Bay: Matt burgundy bezel, Aged leather strap, 41 mm steel case. REFERENCE: M79230R-0005 !!
  6. What Flieger

    Again, it’s the B-Uhr thing. As far as I can work out, none of the original watches from the five manufacturers featured a maker’s name. Stowa told me that the “anonymous” version is in fact their top seller. Ergo, others must feel as I did about the logo on the face.
  7. What Flieger

    Oh, and . . . . . .
  8. What Flieger

    Nicely decorated Unitas 6498 (just like in the Stowa Flieger 41mm). Beautiful to behold, and a lovely crown. However, as a "B-Uhr homage" it doesn't work for me because of the second hand in a sub-dial (see above). For the record -- few pics of my Flieger 40mm "Baumuster A".
  9. What Flieger

    Late to the party -- as ever. I visited Engelbrandt to buy my Flieger (charming people). I was really looking for a 40mm watch (my preferred maximum), so I looked at (and fondled): -- the 40mm "B-Uhr" (Baumuster A) with the ETA 2824-2 auto movement, -- the "same" watch with the ETA 2804 manual wind movement, -- the 41mm Flieger with the Unitas 6498 manual wind movement If you were to buy on looks alone, it would be the Unitas every time -- it's gorgeous. However, the 6498 does not support a sweep second hand, and I believe a hacking central second hand was a key requirement of the original B-Uhr specification -- so I didn't buy it. FWIW IIRC the Unitas is also a 2.5Kz calibre whereas the ETA movements are 4Kz. I would have preferred a manual over an auto (more faithful to the original concept), but: -- the 2804 (I think, same as 2801 but supporting a date function) did not look as good as the 2824 auto (decoration), and -- whilst the 2824 was guaranteed to be the "top" grade, I understood that the 2804 was going to be only "elaboré" (Google the differences, but they are significant). So, I compromised and took the auto -- and have not regretted it. One further possibly relevant factor. I have been told (but not verified) that the manual (2804) case is 1mm thinner than the auto. Overall -- I am very pleased with the quality and the accuracy. Stowa gets my vote. Plenty of pics on the other thread. Hope that helps
  10. Dress Watches

    Massey 65 -- 1955 vintage.
  11. Dress Watches

    Now we're on to real boys' toys . . . . . (nearly as old as I am )
  12. Dress Watches

    Undoubtedly my most elegant watch . . . . . . . . . . . . but the one I tend to actually wear with "black tie" . . . .
  13. Right or Wrong

    Philosophically, adducing large companies’ behaviour as an excuse for our own is (reductio ad absurdum) akin to saying “Stalin murdered thousands of people, so my few won’t make a difference”. Irrespective of scale, wrong is wrong. Also, there is a big difference between tax avoidance (using legal methods to minimise tax) and tax evasion (lying to HMRC, or condoning such), which is illegal. Very practically, I have had the experience of inadvertently failing to report something to HMRC, and (notwithstanding “first offence”) the result was (financially) rather painful. It would be difficult to maintain that misstatement of the value of a package by two or three orders of magnitude was “inadvertent”! Just saying . . . . .
  14. Promised to come back once the strap was worn in. Now had the watch for six weeks or so, and worn it for about two. Strap is now very comfortable indeed. Recommended

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