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  1. Say

    England football team.

    lol Jonny won't be long before there home, sorry but not a football fan.
  2. Say

    One for the mathematicians....

    Lost me in the second sentence.
  3. Say


    Have a nice relaxing time simon, feet up and take it easy m8. Hope your feeling as good as new now.
  4. Say

    Public thanks

    Great result, well done both members. What a great place this is
  5. Say

    incoming citizen content

    Hi vek I have this one, not auto but getting plenty of wear time, more than my tag at the moment.
  6. Say

    BH Monday 28/05/2018

    This again, off to Liverpool for sons birthday. Have a great day members.
  7. Say

    Wednesday watches.

    Bald today, doing a bit.
  8. Say

    New Beater for me

    Nice darth, been on the lookout a while now for one, it seems smaller than the other gshock watches. Being a tight wad not doubt I will be waiting a while to land one but do like that type.
  9. Say

    Saturday 19.05.18.

    This all day, it's getting a lot of wear time at the moment.
  10. Hi Rotundus have you searched ebay, look for your model in breaking. I managed to get hold of a corsa sunroof for the dragon stepmothers car. Had to travel a bit but got the lot for £40 and Vauxhall wanted over £300. Only took ten minutes to fit as well. Try breakers near you, if there are any. If I lived closer I would have had a look at repairing it first as I will have a go at anything. Sorry I can't be of any more help m8
  11. Say

    It’s saturday! Watch’ya got

    This one today .
  12. Say

    Tuesday ticking

    Wore this today while fighting ( discussion) at fow
  13. Say

    The Trouble With Rubber.

    The only trouble I have with rubber is if it's chaffing, ooh er
  14. Say

    Things That Just Aren't The Same

    Bondandbigm what a great post. I remember a Saturday afternoon, hour or two at the local swimming baths, a few snacks on the way home then world of sport wrestling with dickie Davis in the afternoon. Oh what great memories, as a young lad the wrestling was great. Saw it re launched on free view a while back and saw the old and great stars of the day. Like I said it fetched back great memories. The old girls in the audience with there brollies and bags ready to clobber the baddies, omg lol

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