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  1. Bulova

    Can you post a photo of the watch our the watch reference please? Otherwise it's impossible to tell...
  2. Watch Pics with Other Things.

    Watch and fungus: Watch and bridge: Watch and trainer: That's about it for me...
  3. Saturday 21st watches

    Autumnal colours and this bargain from Amazon:
  4. Wednesday Quartz ~ 18th October 2017.

    Casio again today:
  5. Seiko SNK805K2

    If it were me I'd replace it with the SNZG13K1 instead... It's a little more expensive but has a really nice dial. I never tire of looking at it:
  6. Will be wearing this today: A nice little bargain!
  7. Another Argos bargain, this one for less than a tenner: http://www.argos.co.uk/product/2517883
  8. Watches that SEEM a bargain

    Really? That's far lower than I'd ever seen them. Admittedly I stopped looking after I got mine.... So.... What's TZ?
  9. Watches that SEEM a bargain

    Bought for £270 on Amazon: Prices seem to float between £300-£400 normally.
  10. What's Getting the Wear Now

    For me it's the patina thing, whenever there's rain (which is quite often here in Scotland) I need to wear the Vanguard Bronze. To help the patina, you know... Thank you and spot on - South Queensferry looking out at the Forth Bridge.
  11. This: Please note this isn't a Casio! It's as bad as I thought it would be. My attempts to destroy it haven't yet been successful: It's on borrowed time....
  12. What's Getting the Wear Now

    This has been getting a lot of wrist time recently:
  13. Wenger

    Mine should be arriving today! I'll post impressions later.
  14. What Watch Would You Buy on a Budget?

    Thanks, it's a Hirsch Grand Duke strap. I love the Turtles but I'm aware of quality control issues first hand: my first SRP775 had a movement issue where it would stop intermittently; the second one (pictured above) has a tiny alignment issue- the chapter ring is out by a fraction, probably less than a mm, which doesn't bother me but might annoy someone else. My PADI Turtle, thankfully, has no issues.

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