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  1. New arrival!

    Like it a lot. How much, ifyou don't mind me asking, and where did you get it from?
  2. Seiko SPB053J1 arrived today!

    Thanks all. I'm going to change the strap then I'll post a few more photos once I'm happy with the result. ☺️
  3. Tuesday timepieces

    Wearing this today; Then came home to be dazzled by the SPB053:
  4. Seiko SPB053J1 arrived today!

    This is very worrying, I'm going to inform my good lady right away... It seems to only answer is to keep wearing the watch.
  5. Much excitement today! I'd put off getting this for ages, wish I had just gone for it earlier because it's a thing of beauty. Really pleased! And to answer the standard Seiko question - yes, everything lines up (thankfully)! So now I'm hiding this away until my birthday... Unless I can think of a good reason not to...
  6. 1 in 1 out Take 2

    It's a stunning watch. I ordered the blue dial last week, should be with me tomorrow. Being honest though, I'm very tempted to get the black too!
  7. End of part one

    A guy on YouTube who makes videos about watches. He's passionate about watches but definitely seems to split the watch community. If you search for watch reviews on YouTube, it's very likely that he'll pop up. I agree with all of that. His earlier stuff seemed quite genuine but these days it seems to be more about promoting his channel.
  8. End of part one

    I never intended to have a watch collection but in the last two years I took more of an interest in watches and started seeing more that I liked. I bought a lot of Casios and a lot of Seikos and learned a lot about what I like and don't like. This happened through buying a lot of different styles and sizes and thankfully, I managed to find out what my tastes are without spending an absolute fortune. Perhaps like many starting out on the road to watch collecting recently, TGV was a big influence. So I bought a lot of NATO straps before realising that I don't really wear them (except on holiday). Although watch tastes are getting smaller I soon found out that my interest was in the slightly larger styles. I also worked out recently that some of my watches fill the same role and so I can let a few of these go. Now I'm done with buying to "try out" certain styles and I'm focusing on more refined examples of watches that I like. My frequently worn Seiko Turtles will soon be joined by a 62MAS reissue - the SPB053J1. My aim is to buy less but buy better. I'm looking forward to slimming down the collection a bit and making room for some really nice pieces. I don't have a set target yet but can identify quite a few watches that need to go. So, I suspect many of you have been here and done that, and I'd be interested to hear your own experiences and regrets from when your started out, and any advice you'd give.
  9. MHD Watches - CR1 Panda

    Really nice looking watch, how much was it again? The only thing that would put me off is if the second hand is a ticker, which I suspect it probably is, rather than smooth sweep? Apart from that... nice clear dial, racing shaped case looks great and I like the strap. There's a lot to like.
  10. Saturday Watch Display~17th Feb.

    Seiko Saturday
  11. Precisionist......Bulova UHF

    The UHF's get less accurate as the battery depletes so my question would be... are you sure the battery in the Snorkel was changed for a new one?
  12. Just out of interest

    The sales are still fairly regular (every few months or so) but... maybe not as regular or as substantial as they used to be. I've been waiting for one of the 50% off sales so I could pick up a Trident for the last six months or so. I've not seen any Tridents with anywhere near 50% of during that time. Boo!
  13. Seiko Turtle PADI

    If you're after the PADI then I'd suggest checking out your nearest Ernest Jones. They still have them and if you're buying in store you can check chapter ring alignment. £379.99 new. Here's my two in all their glory....
  14. It's Friday again!

    No change for me, sticking with the Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker:
  15. Your Favourite Bulova

    Tough call. Either: Or

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