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  1. alxbly

    Seiko dial changeover

    I wouldn't call this a frankenwatch for a few reasons. It's a modified Seiko; you're being open about that and a lot of people modify their Seikos. A "Frankenwatch" tends to be a watch that's been cobled together from parts from other broken/older watches (usually old Seiko 5's), and quite often swapping out parts in the movement, then putting it up for sale without any acknowledgement of the fact that it's a mishmash of parts. I'd say that the important difference is there's no deception or transaction here. It's an enthusiast showing off a modified Seiko using (I assume) new dial/hands/case/bezel with no tinkering to the moment. The reason frankenwatches get a bad name is that the swapped out parts in the movement often don't work well/are rusted or corroded and/or break quickly. Hope that's helpful. And... nice mod!
  2. You're right about the bracelet... But the watch is an extremely good beater for such a miniscule amount. You'd need to really punish the plastic to make it wear, the digital display is big and bold, it's p*** easy to set up and needs little effort to adjust. The give away being that one of the pushers has "adjust" written on the face next to it... Don't be too quick to jump to conclusions, you might like it!
  3. @themysterybidder Very nice indeed! If you get annoyed by the slightly sharp bracelet here's what I'd recommend: The reason I've bought another is I tried and failed to install a diver strap, and ended up filling down one side of the watch in vain. Oops. Still... £15. Not bad!
  4. alxbly

    "I've fallen and I can't get up"

    But thanks to Google... Woah... I can see why it fell over.
  5. Which is probably why Amazon have dropped the price. It'll most likely shoot back up to £30 when Argos finish their sale! As a side note, I got a pop-up box earlier when I clicked my link above from go.redirectat.com with something about affiliate links for The Watch Forum, which I dismissed. Just to be clear, the link above isn't an affiliate link, it's just a link to the Amazon UK website. Now when I click my link above it takes me to the Amazon US site, not the UK site? Anyone else getting this or know why that might be? EDIT - just worked out it was because I had amazon.com open in another tab on the same device. Ignore Mr Tech Genius here...
  6. @themysterybidder Glad I could help. I ordered one too!
  7. As the title says. The Casio AE-1200WH World Time (or "Casio Royale" to some) normally retails for around £30-£35 so Amazon's current price of £14.99 is a real bargain. Not likely to stay at that price for long! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0099M2IQY/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Also, sold direct by Amazon.co.uk not a market place seller.
  8. alxbly

    Looks good from behind !!

    Tissot Le Locle has a nice caseback.
  9. Someone posted that they had one of the satellite dish ones on here a while ago... but I'm too lazy to find the topic. Sorry...
  10. alxbly

    Fun or a useful timepiece

    They're more of a novelty. I have to ask @RWP are you using that watch as a tourniquet?
  11. alxbly

    Not a Watch in Sight

    I thought this might be interesting in the context of a decline in watch wearing, BBC article "Young can only read digital clocks": http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-43882847 The jist of which being that some teachers are replacing analogue clocks in exam rooms as pupils can't read them or find reading a dial display easier, as that's what they're used to seeing on mobile phones, tablets and computers.
  12. alxbly

    Holiday watch?

    @badgersdad £110 is very cheap for an SKX, they're usually £180-£200. However, Seiko Sea Urchin goes with anything and can be found on Amazon for around £125 fairly regularly. It was my holiday watch just recently:
  13. They all look really good. What's the name of the eBay seller?
  14. alxbly

    Happy Monday watches

    Casio G-Steel today:
  15. Like the steel version. Really not bothered about Bluetooth or whatever. Price is more than I'd like but... I'm still tempted. I think it looks great.

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