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  1. New GO Senator "Excellence"

  2. The Trouble With Bracelets.......

    Wrists like a sparrows leg,always have to adjust bracelets,don't know how to do it, Go to watch shop £15 or so
  3. Would you

    Wont even wash up in them,even though they are supposedly good for 300 .
  4. Never seen on the wrist

    Always looking at people's watches,sometimes ask them,have been known to grab people by the arm to have a look ....gonna get battered one day
  5. New Winder And SOTC

    Thank you Mr Scott.....very clear and concise explanation
  6. New Winder And SOTC

    Lovely watches,elegant box,good result, do you think it would work on kinetics Peter
  7. First Seiko

    Nice watch.........very nice of your wife,you are very lucky
  8. Song Titles Game

    Also the power of love Jennifer rush
  9. Our cat has been shot

    Just angry
  10. Song Titles Game

    THE only way is up.....YAZZ
  11. WRUR (What are you reading)

    Big fan of Wilbur smith,just discovered a British Author conn iguldon mostly historical fiction
  12. Song Titles Game

    I feel love Donna sumner
  13. Song Titles Game

    When will I see you again...three degrees ???

    Still swinging

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