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  1. Pete wilding

    Thursday timepieces.

    Appears to be a citizen day
  2. Pete wilding

    Tremendous Tuesday Tickers

  3. Pete wilding

    JLC landed

    Lovely watch.......well described
  4. Pete wilding


    Can you send a link to the source please.
  5. Pete wilding

    Sunday modern (made after 1990)

    And why not
  6. Pete wilding

    Saturday 19.05.18.

    That would make a smashing birth year watch
  7. Pete wilding

    Saturday 19.05.18.

    Outstanding watch
  8. Pete wilding

    Saturday 19.05.18.

    Steinhart today
  9. Pete wilding

    Friday timepieces

    Good morning all
  10. Pete wilding

    Song Titles Game

    Black night ...Deep Purple
  11. Pete wilding

    Tuesdays wrist adornment

    The big green fella
  12. Pete wilding

    Sunday newbies 1990 and newer (WRUW 13 May)

    Lovely watch
  13. Pete wilding

    Song Titles Game

    Downtown .....Petula Clark

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