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  1. NotMyName

    Ticked another box

    Was always intending keeping my collection of watches down to about 6, but today I took delivery of number 7. Very kind thanks to Robden for this one. I have known for a while that I needed to add a Christopher Ward to my collection, so when I saw this in the classifieds I was fortunate to see it early enough to snap it up. Think it will be seeing a lot of wrist time. The Christopher Ward C7 Rapide Chronometer Thanks again Robden. It has found a good home.
  2. NotMyName

    Heads up - Bulova at Argos

    Just ordered mine. Not sure when I will get to pick it up but will shoehorn a visit into town somehow this week. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. NotMyName

    Right Place, Right Time...

    That is a beaut. Congratulations on sorting out such a great deal.
  4. Very nice piece. Can't beat a good vintage Omega.
  5. NotMyName

    New Arrival

    Excellent choice. Lovely watch.
  6. NotMyName

    The new acquisition

    Superb work Padders. Thanks for doing that.
  7. NotMyName

    The Precisionist arrived!!

    Very nice watch. I love the look of these Bulova pieces. Have to keep my head down for a while in watch buying but a Bulova is high up there on my wish list.
  8. NotMyName

    The new acquisition

    Ha ha I doubt it. This watch ticked a couple boxes for me in getting a quality vintage piece and also getting a watch I can use as a dress watch. Now those boxes are ticked I am "settled" for the time being in that area. Aside from that the prices of the Rolex, both new and vintage, seems too strong to make it a consideration for me. Genuinely prefer the Omega as well. Dealer did have the case back off when I was in the shop but never thought to look or ask. The thing you did mention before though re how clean the movement was turned out to be fine. The picture he had sent me of the movement did it an injustice as it was clean as a whistle and gleaming in real life.
  9. NotMyName

    The new acquisition

    Well that could have been a risk after not getting yours! It is actually you I need to thank the most for leading me down this path. It was after seeing yours in the classifieds that got me to the point of knowing that a vintage Seamaster was THE watch I really wanted. So thanks!
  10. NotMyName

    The new acquisition

    Thanks guys. I was nervous about pulling the trigger on my first watch of value but once I had made the decision I knew it was the right one. Dealer was so well informed and nice to deal with, so patient as I went through endless straps to find the right one, and then gave me an unasked for discount as it was my first "real" watch. Took what was a very well priced watch to an even better one. My biggest problem now is finding wrist time for my other watches.
  11. NotMyName

    The new acquisition

    Very happy with it and the movement is very clean and much nicer than it looked in the picture I was originally sent by the dealer.
  12. Great story and a great watch. Exactly the sort of watch I am after. I need some green in my collection!
  13. NotMyName

    Advice needed on vintage Seamaster

    This gives me pause now. If the movement isn't clean then I guess I can't rely on the watch being accurate. The problem that likely brings is that if I take it back to the shop saying it is gaining/losing x amount of time per day I might well be met with an answer that I should expect that from a 40 year old watch. And him being the expert and me the novice collector, I am not going to win that battle. Might be better not to risk the battle in the first place. I guess as there becomes fewer good examples out there, but the desire to collect them is still strong, the price continues to stay buoyant.
  14. NotMyName

    Advice needed on vintage Seamaster

    Wow nice find. Gold doesn't suit me so always prefer the steel watches. The dealer I might be buying off had the same watch interestingly so I did try both anyway.
  15. NotMyName

    Advice needed on vintage Seamaster

    Thanks Padders. Out of interest how accurate should I reasonably expect a vintage Omega to be? Should they be able to compete with a new automatic and keep within 20 seconds per day or is this unrealistic?

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