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  1. Just to say well done to longplay. No timegrapher here either. Record the watch on the computer using Audacity using a separate (cheap) mic. Use the filter to amplify the result. You can see the "ticks" as a peak on the waveform, against the time scale along the bottom, and work out the timing. There is software that will do similar, but you need a mic pre-amp.
  2. Might be A. Holistone https://jewelry.ha.com/itm/timepieces/j-m-cunningham-burnley-running-lever-fusee-and-a-holistone-liverpool-verge-fusee-for-parts/a/171419-72025.s
  3. Yes I remember pulling the trigger mechanism apart when I rebuilt the one I had and oiled the stock. I did manage to get it back together! More recently I did the one on the Cometa. Not bad as standard, but I felt it could be improved. Well I improved it a bit, but the mechanism is fiddly!
  4. Mine was like the one in the middle (I think). Ribbed alloy trigger, solid underlever, and four selectable foresights? It's the earlier type isn't it?
  5. I was thinking "What the heck's a 156?" Great collection there John! Some very nice rifles and pistols there. I can see an Original 50 I think? I had one as a teenager.
  6. Mobile phones....love 'em or hate 'em....?

    I've got a non-smartphone that's useful in emergencies etc. I don't want, or need a smart phone. Then again, I've got a FB account I use occasionally to keep up with a couple of mates. The rest of the FB / twitter whatever thing I've got no interest in. Couple of forums besides this one I keep up with. I don't like the "invisible string" thing about mobiles though. Bosses / clients being able to "get you" anytime, anywhere. Ouch!
  7. I've never had much luck with cold blue either. I don't mess with air rifles as much as I should. I only use them for plinking and a bit of target really. I've got one of those self resetting targets. Nothing really interesting as far as the rifles go though. A Mark II Webley Hawk I rebuilt a couple of years back with o-rings instead of the plastic piston rings. And a Cometa Fenix I bought a few years back.
  8. Very nice! How old's the Gem? I remember reading "Airguns and Air Pistols" many years ago. I think the Gem is mentioned in there. Never seen one though.
  9. Classic car - someone stop me

    Nice car, and I always half fancied one myself. Parts can be expensive though. Heard a story nearly 40 years ago now, about a chap who owned an older model. (50s I think) and had just received a thousand quid bill from an RR dealer for a full brake service and MOT. That has to be getting on for the value of the car you've linked to these days.
  10. Song Titles Game

    King of the road. Roger Miller
  11. Mafws Game

    Amicable vacations offered in Denmark. HIRED
  12. Mafws Game

    Keen night owls want sleep. DUVET
  13. Lidl pliers

    Should have said I did this. They were a bit variable. The set I bought were OK, but some were showing a hair line of light. A bit of a judicious "set" and a bit of dressing would probably put them right. No serrations, which is why I posted about them here. Very little "wobble" in the joint as well. You can have 2 pairs for four quid! They have other types as well. Cutters, and serrated snipe nosed pliers.
  14. Lidl pliers

    OK stop laughing at the back! Went to Lidl today, and they have some long nose pliers in. Came in yesterday I think. Quite long thin jaws.Smooth, with no cutter. They're £2.49 Could be useful?

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