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  1. Thought I'd share my Arrow cans

    "A lot more than standard" then. That Bonnie wasn't oily at all. Or at least no more than a bit of mist once or two places. Evil handling though, and too tall. That "oil in the frame" thing had to be somebody's pet project. One of the nicest bikes I can remember riding was a Triumph Speed Twin owned by a mate of mine. It had been owned by one bloke from new, nice "original used" condition. Not fast. Handling was interesting if you shut the throttle in any sort of bend, but it was just "nice". Difficult to explain. That was in the 70s, and he still says he wishes he'd never sold it.
  2. Spring bar tool / watch tools in general

    I've got one of those Lidl ultrasonic cleaners. Seems to do a decent job on all sorts. Good value I thought. AS you say, "The best you can afford" makes sense for hobbyists. Now where are those lottery tickets?
  3. Thought I'd share my Arrow cans

    Nice. What was that pushing out? I think the standard was 60-ish wasn't it? I didn't keep the Yam for long. Performance was OK, and handling was pretty good at that time, but it wasn't "interesting" somehow. Last bike on the road was a 750 Bonny oil in the frame about 20 years back. Nice bike, it had been "got at" and ran well at main road speeds. Horrible in town! Too many "Never saw you" idjits in cars down here though.
  4. Mafws Game

    Except left bits or wrist. BURNT
  5. Thought I'd share my Arrow cans

    Sounds lovely. I nearly bought one "left over" at the end of the Summer of 77, but I bought a Yamaha triple instead. Wish I'd bought the Trident!
  6. Mafws Game

    Several amicable underlings caused excitement. SWAGE
  7. Spring bar tool / watch tools in general

    Quality! Lovely tool that!
  8. Spring bar tool / watch tools in general

    It depends what you're working on a bit as well. I'm still practising and hopefully learning on cheap 70s/ 80s stuff. So I'm not too worried if something isn't quite so. If I was working on decent (aka expensive) watches, I'd definitely want decent kit. You don't want chewed up screw heads and scratches if possible. I've got various bits and pieces. Some old. Some antique (I'm fairly sure) and some new to new-ish. Old-new (as in old unused) screwdrivers are good. Some of the cheap sets in plastic boxes are OK too. (Really!) Some are like poor quality mild steel though. Probably what they are. I've got a cheap spring bar tool off eBay I've had for ages. Just a fork with a handle. It needed a bit of filing to make it any use. Seems quite decent steel though. I'll probably make one sometime. (Yeah, together with the thousand other jobs! Of course you will!) At the end of the day what mel says is right. Buy the best you can. At least that way you get a known quality.
  9. Mafws Game

    Car horns offer select emphasis. SWARM
  10. Mafws Game

    Alarmingly dangerous maniac in taxi. FIEND
  11. Mafws Game

    Jolly old kleptomaniac's excessive stealing. ALARM
  12. Mafws Game

    Fools undermine zoological zone yards. FLUKE
  13. Good karma, bad karma?

    Yes, when you see cat's lives, it does make you wonder doesn't it? I used to say before our last one went to his next incarnation. "Free room and board. Free health and dental"
  14. Mafws Game

    Finest legal adviser gets sentenced. BRUZZ
  15. Mafws Game

    Secret laboratories are boringly silent. RUSTY