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  1. Nuts about this watch...

    Hi everyone! a bunch of very special watches are coming in the next weeks! as a preview, see this custom made one off bronze dial studied for an ambidextrous M24:
  2. Nuts about this watch...

    Hello everyone! We're currently working on a one off M24. The customer has chosen everything on the watch, with the exception of the mouvement. Case material, finishing, dial made in one off design, custom hands and indices, unique strap and box set. Custom engravings also. We're very happy to give this full customization possibility, these watches have the S serial. We're also waiting for a small lot of bronze M24s and titanium M27s.
  3. Nuts about this watch...

    What about this special tie-strap?
  4. Nuts about this watch...

    We're now studying a handcrafted bracelet....
  5. Nuts about this watch...

    Season's greetings!
  6. Nuts about this watch...

    I agree Buster!
  7. Nuts about this watch...

    This one is coming near Boston: Insane dial/strap combo on it!
  8. Nuts about this watch...

    Any AC Milan fan?
  9. Nuts about this watch...

    I'm with you JayDeep, also because our strap partner, who owns a tannery in Tuscany, is overcoming himself!
  10. Nuts about this watch...

    Hi guys! another M24 delivered in black!
  11. Nuts about this watch...

    You're right, that baracelet is not the best but the watch is thought with its leather strap on it. the problem is obviously related to the peculiar shape and length of the lugs that surely should a custom built end link to match the case. This would be an enourmous cost for us, especially if you think that we want to keep "in house" all the manufacturing works. Straps (leather or rubber) are on another planet at the moment: Anyway, we're strongly convinced that these watches must be enjoyed with a homemade, thick leather strap....just like PAMs or ENNEBIs... Lugs and watch body are too peculiar too hide them....
  12. Nuts about this watch...

    For you to compare:
  13. Nuts about this watch...

    Thanks Buster for your review. We're proud that this toy has come into those hands of a true watch enthusiast like you. And I take this opportunity to apologize with Roy if my conduct on his forum was not considered correct in the past.
  14. 8 pieces composing the watch body no cast parts, only machining on solid blocks. The M27 is our tribute to steel!
  15. Nice opportunity this week! an early M24 Intenso (black dial, case serial 007) will be listed on eBay on Saturday, November 4th. No reserve, starting bid 1 euro. Save the date!

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