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  1. Watches being assembled!
  2. A little test with our Siena home-made strap on a test M24 Baleno My wrist is around 16 cm.
  3. Thanks. 8 watches to be delivered from September 15th. We're in assembly phase now.
  4. Hi! We're almost ready with the official pictures! I will post them next week. See below a teaser of the M24 booklet and our home-made straps, with nice hexagonal shaped tip.
  5. Yeah, buy the Cgenstone then
  6. Thanks Hussle. if you come to Italy I will be glad to offer you a good "aperitivo" on Como lake banks....and show you our workshops and how the case is built. on the other side, I think you will be forced to catch a flight to internal China, hoping they know where their cases are produced...
  7. I personally know more than a watch with an hexagonal case... Each one with its one peculiarities...good or less good...cheap or expensive. Space for everyone! Personally I do not have anything against Cgenstone, but please delete the word "original" from your outstanding marketing campaign because you're advertising nothingness. peace & love
  8. I think your late man... www.rdbwatches.net And with no offense yours looks quite cheap and massifying compared to the RdB, but you know the world is big enough.... Do you hold some patent for that hexagonal case?
  9. Hi sparrow, nice suggestion. A client of RdB asked for a M24 with normal mirror finished case, but with some frosted details (bezel, lugs, back case). we will do that. This is what "craftsmanship" means. We will be even more happy when someone will ask for a titanium case. Or a brass one.
  10. Hi there, thank you all for your post and I'm pleased that Biker find the point. i attach some pics of a already assembled watch we have here in these days. Assembled for testing, case and bracelet are the definitive ones, only dial is a test piece. Of course it has not all the engravings on the case yet. It is ready to be sold after the last finishings at a very special price. (Dial colour can be changed). this is the final dial: Is someone interested?
  11. Hi Richy As I told a couple of posts before the retail price has been fixed around 900 gbp and as have 5 watches sold to be delivered in September we do not have a problem of "finding the right price"

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