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  1. Orient Owners Club

    Mako XL Will be trying to obtain more of these in different colourways.
  2. Friday!

    Not much sun out there but I'll go with the solar anyway. (old pic)
  3. Mowing The Grass....

    Same here, what a shame the majority of images have been decimated. Good work Roger.
  4. Bulovaitis

    Mine also on a replacement strap.
  5. Tuesday WRUW

    Re-strapped in grey
  6. Heads up - Bulova at Argos

    Thought I was getting a good deal at amazon for £99 !
  7. Loving the vegitation but you can keep the insects!
  8. Ah, I read you wrong, thought you had conrete to get rid of rather than create a hard standing. Although the banana variety Musa Basjoo will flower and produce small inedible fruit given a long warm growing season it's not something I mangaged to achieve.
  9. Sunday Young Guns (after 1990)

    "If I've reached one person it's all been wor....." My lack of phography skills dont do it justice. Looks great on/in the flesh so to speak.
  10. Hi Phil, Yes, the large green banana clump mid video is Musa Basjoo. It's permanently planted out, obviously it dies down in the winter but regenerates from the roots each summer. At least it does here in the south west's relatively mild winter climate. I can imagine you'll have an easier time of it creating a garden in tropical Thailand once you've jackhammered the concrete away! I look forward to seeing your progress on here.
  11. Wed 6th Sept

    New in yesterday, so wearing today.
  12. Bulova owners club.

    Thanks Pete
  13. New (to me) Stowa

    That's really nice.
  14. Bulova owners club.

    I don't think you'll be saving for too long Pete, relatively inexpensive and good value for money IMO. My military UHF finally turned up today after a four week wait from amazon. I really must check the delivery date before hitting 'buy' in future. Under a ton brand new for that lovely smooth second hand and great looks, bargain! (Btw Davey, I shoved a Vernier across it, it's 42.2mm Ø) The colour of the strap I wasn't so keen on, swapped it out for this soft padded waxed jobby which I think looks and feels better.

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