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  1. It will have to be my Bulova Wilton Chronograph 96B183
  2. Just Pick a Cheapy

    Servicing over the 50 years could cost you 2 to 3 times the original cost of the watch but I get your point.
  3. Boxing Day 26/12/17

    Sporting my grandson's inaugural timepiece in his collection. Already has his eyes on a G-Shock. No hangovers for me, started antibiotics 3 days ago...
  4. Off to see the grandkids shortly. Happy Christmas everyone!!
  5. Poljot 3133 chronograph

    What a cracking thread! This is one of the things I was hoping to see when I joined the forum. Many thanks @Sir Alan for taking the time to post.
  6. Saturday Scramble 23/12/17

    Yeah you win hands down Ian! Thanks again for the info.
  7. Saturday Scramble 23/12/17

    Off to the shops wearing my latest acquisition. HAGWE everyone and have a happy Christmas!! That's a 'balls out' strap Rafy , Brilliant!!
  8. What Are You Listening To

    Not really a Stones fan but enjoying this..
  9. Was also going to suggest a G-shock although I doubt you'd be able to change a headlight bulb with it on!
  10. Christmas Day Watch

    I'm only allowed in the kitchen when I have to fetch my own beer, so no mucky cooking hands for me. Will be playing with the grandkids for most of the time so something robust like SKX009.
  11. Citizens of the World

    Success! My first Citizen.
  12. Schoolboy Error.....

    You could always hire one mate. (no affiliations) http://borrowedtimewatches.com/

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