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  1. It's okay to be white

    Thanks, if you meant 'dig' It's 96B183 btw
  2. Bulova woes..

    I fancy one of these, but silly money in the UK. 98B270
  3. Playing with the other kids on a bombed building site in Birmingham (7)
  4. Bulova woes..

    Very nice watch. Are you not tempted to have the main second hand constantly running? I think its one of it's main attractions. Another saying hello. ( Pure accident of timing that my second hand shows at 12)
  5. For my last purchase I chose the second delivery option (royal mail) My package which arrived five days later was marked up as coming from Salford Manchester!
  6. Creation watches Mr Gravy.
  7. Another shout for Orient. Liked my Mako XL so much I've just bought another, just over a ton for another colour! In fact I've just ordered my wife's xmas present. Another Orient auto with sapphire crystal for under a ton. Great value.
  8. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 09/11/2017

    This one today. (old pic)
  9. Wednesday Quartz~ 8th November.

    Thanks Davey, Probably my favourite watch right now.

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