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  1. Trusted vintage watch sites ???

    I'm very happy with the vintage Timex I bought from @scottswatches.
  2. I feel that Seiko divers will be a purchase in the future, and I blame TWF & TGV for this!!!
  3. Not sure what I was worried about

    Very nice. I've got a 38mm CW Flyer-8 and I think it's the perfect size for my smaller wrist. I'm thinking of getting a CW diver in the future and it will definitely be a 38mm variant. Enjoy your lovely blue watch!
  4. Ok. That should conclude our interview for today. *hurriedly makes his exit*
  5. *makes note* Ok. And what was the name of your first pet, and the road you grew up on?
  6. Now I just need your social security number please....
  7. I'd go with 5 foot 3.5 inches, and MWC would be my initials if my middle name was Wendell.
  8. Monday is for mechanical watches

    Late entry, as I had Wi-Fi issues earlier. Fun little import from India today. Only cost a tenner!
  9. MartynDarkly's Watches

    It's not about quantity, it's about quality. Although admittedly, there's not an abundance of either here....but it's growing.
  10. Mechanical-Monday.jpg

    From the album MartynDarkly's Watches

  11. Congrats @kanab22 and well done for the finest raffle hat i've seen in many a long year @Lancman!
  12. Late Friday Night Arrival

    Liking that. Very nice! Costly?
  13. Perfect way to impress the 710

    Ah, now he sees it! Thanks mate.
  14. Perfect way to impress the 710

    OK. I've got to ask. What does 710 actually mean (apart from 'the wife/significant other')?
  15. What to wear tonight ?

    Sorry, the SS! Phew, just about averted a travesty of democracy.