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  1. WRUW ** Tuesday** Oct 10,2017

    Those are both beautiful watches. The Samson in particular. Very nice indeed!
  2. Fashionable but not Fashion.

    Oh, it won't be long before they're back. Those pieces are far too nice to be out of vogue for any significant length of time.
  3. What's Getting the Wear Now

    Still wearing the Christopher Ward. I think it's been on for nearly two months straight. Maybe I'm getting too boring for this forum!
  4. MartynDarkly's Watches

    It's not about quantity, it's about quality. Although admittedly, there's not an abundance of either here....but it's growing.
  5. Seiko Raffle

    Well done everyone! What? No! You're crying!!!
  6. Christmas Watches.

    I've not requested one, but it would be a lovely surprise. Sadly, I don't think I can drop enough hints about a diving watch without having to actually spell out the model. I can be a bit picky, and I think over the years I've made my wife unsure about buying something unless she knows I'll like it. Worst case scenario: she buys a fashion brand watch, and I'll wear it to appear grateful. But inside.....the silent tears will flow.
  7. The attraction of Divers.

    Yep, I find them attractive, cool watches, as evidently do many others in TWF. Not picked one up yet (still saving after buying the Christopher Ward) but I think a diver will definitely be my next purchase. Not even sure why I like them really. They just look damn good! Maybe I should look up some second hand Seiko SKX013s.....? Damn you @RWP!
  8. Which new watch?

    That is a nice watch alright.
  9. Which new watch?

    I know. What was I thinking?
  10. Which new watch?

    Oh, I haven't the money to buy anything even approaching the price range of an Omega. It's just a spot of window shopping...mixed with a little fantasy.
  11. Which new watch?

    Those Omega chaps really do know how to put a watch together, don't they?
  12. Which new watch?

    One day, my friend. One day...
  13. Which new watch?

    I've been thinking today that if I had a load of spare cash lying around, but could only buy a brand new watch, which one would it be? After much window shopping, I think I settled on the Omega Seamaster 300. Good looking, small enough to just about fit my wrist, and not crazy money. So, which new watch (no vintage or second hand pieces) would be at the top of your list today, and why?
  14. Mid Week Best Buys

    I like that Citizen. Good price too! Thanks for the tip.
  15. Obris Morgan landed

    Blimey! That's some case it comes in. Fine choice mate.

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