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  1. What was your Christmas haul?

    @Laughing gravy Sadly not. We had some fun though.
  2. New arrival!

    That's a great size for a dress watch. Nice!
  3. What was your Christmas haul?

    @Leberkäse It's true, we share stylists, but absolutely no common ground on politics!
  4. What was your Christmas haul?

    @Davey P Here's one from the glory days!
  5. What was your Christmas haul?

    @Davey P Oooooo, a home studio. Now there's a dream. I've tried drums on a few occasions, mainly when I played in bands and our drummers would wander off during rehearsals. But, I just don't have the independent co-ordination to hold any kind of rhythm for longer than a few bars. I'm quite happy wailing away on the guitar though, and always enjoyed the ability to run around while playing.
  6. What was your Christmas haul?

    @Davey P Ha ha! Yep, I know that story. I've been a guitar player for about 30 years, and have bought and sold a ridiculous amount of gear over that time. Still can't pass a music shop without stopping to check out the guitars in the windows, and maybe picking up a pedal or two!
  7. What was your Christmas haul?

    @Ullevi Blimey! I'm lucky if my wife buys me a coffee!
  8. What was your Christmas haul?

    @Ullevi Very nice! Was that a long planned purchase, or do someone surprise you with it?
  9. Song Titles Game

    @martinzx LIKE a rolling stone - Bob Dylan.
  10. What was your Christmas haul?

    @Wheelnut69 No expense spent.
  11. Song Titles Game

    @Karrusel Rainy DAY woman - Bob Dylan.
  12. What was your Christmas haul?

    @Wheelnut69 Very nice! She certainly is a generous lady! I'll bet the slippers were pretty snazzy too. @RWP Bolstering your TW Steel collection I see. How many do you have now?
  13. Sorry for my lack of involvement recently. Work was very busy in the lead-up to the end of the year, then I went down sick with a nasty flu-bug that I'm only just recovering from. As such, my Christmas was something of a washout. So, I'm hoping you fine people will cheer me up by sharing photos of the various timepieces that Santa bestowed upon you. Who got what?
  14. Incoming - and a public thanks to Wookie...

    'The Davey in reeedddddd'

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